Florida, Florida Da alligator say ((Bob:) Mickey!) Doesn't mean you're a dentist, (Linda:) Oh, so hungry, Bobby! I don't wanna be this bad (Rudy:) I'll help you look after I pump this inhaler Tina: (Spoken) Are you kissing her? (Jack:) Here comes the meat plane (Linda joins in:) Right to your counter (ooooohhh) Walking around like her crap don't stank Give it to Teddy ((Teddy:) I can fix it! (singers:) Here comes Jack, right through your doorway. All the kids are gone! What do I do?! (Allen:) Will you be mine? Uh! Got to give Farrah and what's-his-name Taffy butt. (Linda:) Alright! (sighs) Everything's gonna be okay. (Teddy:) (panting) What? [indistinct] 101! Hiring, firing, illegal trash dumping Oh, God, I'm cryin'! I could be, the one Daddy. Susmita: That actually means "egg." (Linda:) Oh, the sheriff had a piggy and he was mighty mad Daddy! Three's a crowd, so say it loud, Take comfort just in knowing (Who's that knockin' on my hole?) (Louise:) Nice job, Tina! I don't mind you comin' here It's almost like you're not here. Let's hear it, Oh bourbon! Present greets guests with a smile on his face ((Bob:(spoken)) Mr. And a tiny rock. [Mr. Fischoeder and Gayle] But you need an assortment of lights to do it right. Why is everybody holding vibrators? Going to Florida This won't end Till Bob's six feet under What more do you want when kids run the restaurant? (Louise:) Hello! Bob believes his burgers speak for themselves and isn’t afraid Okay, it's not a her, but I really really wanted it to rhyme (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaa), (Bob:) A legion of servants, all at your command Matilda & Shelia: If your bags were out of your possession at any time Gene: Uh-oh Maybe. Floor's tilted one degree. (Andy:) I'm Johnson Avec de l'argent. You seem like a girl that would choose Good Kuchi Kopi over Bad Kuchi Kopi, yeah (Tina:) I'm packing up Chariot. But with more trampling people. We're coming for you, now we're falling (Where is the bathroom?) Sometimes in life you just gotta say, I don't give a damn, Ha-ha! Plays during the helicopter battle, a reference to Apocalypse Now. (Cast:) Maybe there's a tower, somewhere up above Opens up one eager eye This is it boys, this is war If she sang a song right now she'd probably win a Grammy Are people still the same with their funny ways? I hope everyone's having a good time! Sand's the sugar and we're the cookies, Sugar cookies, x3 We're snacking and tubing and laughing and splashing and craaaaaaaaawling. And if you're not, I'd like to see you organize something on this budget! What? For your face, (Linda:) Thank you for lovin' me We're the Pirates of Panache, Linda Belcher and the robber - Hamburger Dinner Theater, (Linda:) You've got your money, now be on your way? This is kind of loose and I think it might tear Oil Spill Lyrics: Oh, it's hot and wet and slick / And it's making everybody sick / Oil spill / It's on the fish, it's on the crabs / It's all so close [?] (Louise:) Shush! And while I believe that that's your belief Together: In space, we don't wear slacks (Bob:) Sorry. Weekend at Mort's Poop-poop, poop, pa-poopy-poop, doop-a-poopy-poop (Bob:) -Ee Quicky Kiss-it Then we do the big meeting, a perfect team. Don’t mix romance with magic. First we lied to Mr. Frond (Jairo:) This is me tickling you! Fracas foam, get foamed at home Panic bells, its red alert Thank you, little people! But you're my best friend's girl, Ask the class, I swear it wasn't me Call the troops out in a hurry But you know what? (Cast:) Work hard! Holly Schlesinger, Nora Smith and Loren Bouchard - Bad Tina, St. Vincent - Bob's Buskers link, (bold denotes parts only sung in episode), Bad girls don't like to go to Dog Prom (Bob:) Look at me I'm chopping up this lettuce, all alone I hope that it won't end though, Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy. That might not have sounded like I'm sure, but I'm sure. (Bob:) Keep playing with it! Why? But this is! That's why you should leave. No one's gonna blame me, I'll be doing just fine (Gene:(spoken)) Damn it! Think we're gonna be great pals (Linda:) Is that a different Allen from the last video? Griffin: Still sounds like heaven, In my dream, the whole town was there saying this year's been a mess (Bob:) (sighs) Okay. La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Right. Plays during the Burgerzilla sequence of the family's commerical on the end credits. (Bob:) No, I didn't. (Singer:) It's okay, I just signed up to see some boobs Equestranauts, we're brothers forever (spoken:) Attention, humans of America More shocked than me The ((Bob:) Lin...) whole world's thankin' you He's a big Allen guy. Step number one: Trap your princess! I'm lying here, (Regular Sized Rudy:) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! T is for the way you take my breath away HA HA HA HA!! I gotta do his hair for a big interview. (Jimmy, Jr.) Well I want both, so count me in! John Roberts and H. Jon Benjamin - Sheesh! I leave my shirt on, that's okay, don't make me feel self-conscious, babe Gotta put in my bag Let's swap eyes, (Bob:) No. Oh, bourbon (All (except Louise):) This wasn't our best day What are we gonna do?, He's always (inaudible under speech). (Bob:) Oh, God... I'm cooler than the rest-o (Jocelyn:) Oh my God, ("Oh, God," is sung during credits/soundtrack version) they're chopping off my head (all scream). (Gene:) I want some burgers and fries, I want some burgers and fries Gene and Louise are beefin', Little old me is beefin' too Girls are from Venus, When Bob's eccentric landlord, Mr. Fischoeder, pays the family a visit, he informs Bob that his rival across the street, Jimmy Pesto of Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, wants to take over Bob's lease so that he can expand his gift shop. But that just makes it dark outside Calvin Fischoeder (spoken): No, I said, uh, playing golf with pharmacists. Still I've got two out of five! Oh, I'm feelin' so fat and A is for Asthma that is a disease that takes people's breath away! Gonna save the bird that's what you heard, I said "Rudy, friend, you take the rest", But the only thing left to eat No, no, no, dat's not a parakeet in ya 'at Don't laugh, it's not right, to make fun of the night, Butts, butts, butts, butts Tina: Boys! Ethel: Moms! Tina: Want to say something Jesse? (The kids:) (screaming), (Singers:) Kids, we're coming for you Ooh, it's shakin' It's electric! (clears throat) You know what? Come on! OH MY GOD, I FORGOT THE FART SOUNDS!! (Linda joins in:) Stayin' up till midnight The most handsome pig, what a rush Yeah! You're the Nature Master. Loved seeing my favorite artist represented in my favorite show but dang, the feels. Ha ha! (Gayle:) One way or another, I'm gonna find ya, Bob Jingle in the jungle, hope you bringle me a bundle Slugsaphone! He'll be fi-i-i-ine... He's unique-y, nique-y, nique-y Sneaky Pete (Linda:) These are the ones from from the song. (Tina:) Boogie woogie woogie (Gayle:) I'm an Asian elephant, you're an angel heaven-sent Oh, be still my heart! at my autopsy Plays while Louise searches for her hat and ends up at the dump. All right. (Tammy (spoken):) Less farty. All (Louise:) Now they're just a sham to me With a hidden Christmas surprise Oh, I can't get enough of your woman stuff It's a silent muffler! Slugaconda! He's unique-y, nique-y, nique-y Sneaky Pete Jimmy's so mad, Girls, being girls, being girls, being girls, girl group. (Tina:) No. Linda: It's my day. (Courtney:) You're doing your Die Hard musical?! Oh. Checking the wind. (Jericho:) Yat dat dat da, dat dat dat dat dat dat da (Linda:) Anus, anus, anus!!! (Tammy:) Oh, bad things are bad, (Randy:) Maybe your Dad was tied up by a sailor? Sung by Teddy with lyrics about there possibly being underwear being in the pipe under the kitchen sink, Donna Summer (with Bob singing over) - Dawn of the Peck. (Edith:(spoken)) Harold! Be one of the tallest guys in the bar and brag about how long your butt crack is. I know, right? (Fischoeder:) Ha ha! He's a-leavin' little early, but that's okay (Bob:) Tina? want to eat da parakeet ((Bob:) Mickey!) 5. (Zeke:) Ouch! Don't know where to start? (Bob:) Mickey? (Darryl:) Yeah, that's it! From Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" - O.T. Tina: You were here all alone and now I finally see you. We might just have found Music is central to the character of the long-running animated show Bob's Burgers. (Louise:) That's what I want to do, too, but with him (Courntey:) Um, okay. Tingle on my tingle Santa, bring my favorite thingles Stop! Everyone's thankin' (Courtney:) Gene! Girl, we napkin-ing? That flu bug took you on a trip, a crazy tough ride Diarrhea *two raspberries*, diarrhea *two raspberries*. I've never had to change my pants! And the one thing all the ladies know is I'm good at having uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh (Singing) I'm the guy who disagrees with everything you say, (Tina:) 'Cause— So when you run the restaurant, will you call it Louise's Burgers? Wingman, he's trying to help you out In hopes that they don't destroy her (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) (Courtney:) (whispering) What announcement? A little bit of the cheek, a little bit of the cheek (x3), She's a business monster, a business monster B-B-B-B-Bur, bur, bur, bur, bur, bur, bur, bur, bourbon Groping for glory. (Ollie:) I'm Johnson! (Gene:) This is more of an "extended jingle jam slash demo reel". She does her BM. And his name is Sneaky Pete, He is Pete, and he's freaky, freaky, freaky Sneaky Pete Hairs getting tangled Bob gives the food truck business a try. Which friend are you mad at, girl? (Louise:) What would you do instead? Directed by Bernard Derriman. Shhh. Wow! (gasps) Oh my goodness! (Singers:) Let her finish! Carly Simon? (All:) Fart, fart! We take our time, we do the dance, Into this century The Terminalator II: Terminals of Endearment, Bob Belcher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Kids, Wharf Horse (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part I), World Wharf II: The Wharfening (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part II), Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob & Louise, The Cook, The Steve, The Gayle, & Her Lover, There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business, Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You, As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps, https://bobs-burgers.fandom.com/wiki/Songs?oldid=51931. I've become Edison. What should it say? We're both ambitious, Hans! Unknown - "The Taking of Funtime One Two Three", Wheelie Mammoth, the most famous guy in town Fire away! You feed him soup when he breaks his jaw Linda: Your mom (All:) Coal mine (Courtney:) (whispering) That's not in the script! (Linda:) I need you to put a rattlesnake in someone's guitar for me. (Fanny:) Why do you keep not looking at my breasts? First place, took home the gold! Linda - Wharf Horse (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part I), Wonder Wharf, wharf of wonder (Cast:) Work hard! (Griffin:) Down here it's dark and cold Bour-bon, bour-bon, bour-bon, bour-bon Ooh, she’ll take the straitjacket. (Teddy:) All those cold hungry people Belchers: 69 When I bend down I pee a little bit Cab, Bob? Maybe there's a tower, somewhere up above (Tina:) El perro es grande (The dog is big) Electric Love Lyrics: They say Thomas Edison / He's the man to get us / Into this century / And that man is me / They'll say "Aw, Topsy!" Is that true? Feel the flavors sinking into my teeth (oooooooooo), Tina & Louise - "Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street". Now we're in a nail salon, Close to the top! The ((Bob:) Lin...) whole world's thankin' you (Gayle:) Um, I think there's a snake in my guitar. (Bob:) TINA, PLAY WITH THE DOLL!!! I can't do the ladies and not do the fellas! (Gene:) True enough. Do, do, do (multiple times), Halloween's coming, kids are trickin', kids are treatin' And now, Take this cheese to melt on top so nice Hayden: Pants on Jupiter, Here under the pier tied to Mr. Fischoe... He's unique-y, nique-y, nique-y Sneaky Pete Don't know where to begin? (Louise:) And, Gene, I'm sorry to you, too. Let my people rock Bob had diarrhea! (Bob and Calvin:) Oh Things are bad! Is that spark we had gone? Plays on the radio while Bob stripteases. We're gonna be best couple friends Keep your arms and lips inside my car, If you have a heart condition, consult your doctor before riding In fact I don't need music at all! Kids, go wait on the other customers. That's his favorite one. Ooh! (Tina:) As it should. Together: Moms! Fate, fate, fate, fate, fate, fate, fate, fate, (Ooh) Sneaking out at night (Tina:) Are we playing in the right key? (Teddy:) This time of year Stage girl! If you're rolling with me... Tina: Doo-doot doo-doot doo means I love you, (Linda:) (whispering loudly) My son's doing Die Hard: The Musical in the basement! And where is Harry Truman? He's going under, under (Linda:) Shake your hips, wiggle your butt Drop your pants, pick 'em back up Yat dat da, a ya dat da Together: Moms! They're all off ("out" is sung during credits/soundtrack version) having fun Ooh, got a little pee on the seat but they'll never know it was me (never know it was you) Louise: If she brings sticky Sugar-Booms up into her room, (Bob:) (whispering) Yup. So if you move to China, I'll be right behind ya As if everyone here's so perfect! Eat off your hand, lickety-licky, Don't you love cotton candy? (Gayle:) No no no, somethin' with a little rhythm. (Bob:) What? So come on, let's go! Just want to whip them off real quick? Slumber party fashion show I'm your best friend, Directed by Chris Song, Bernard Derriman, Tony Gennaro. Anyway, Gene's written a love jingle about me and he's gonna perform it now! Here! And then I took it home and fed it, then took care of it and then it went to college and now it's a celebrity chef with all its legs, goodnight. Thank you, good night! Don't get too close! Definitely creepy Lookin’ good from head to toe Do the dirty pigeon, do the dirty pigeon (x7), Talkin' on a butt phone, on a butt phone (x6). Charles Wesley - "TThe Last Gingerbread House on the Left ". And the moon is so cold, it's so cold Oh, the crumpled-up napkin all covered in grease (Bob:) [High-pitched] Key Playing during a montage where Courtney attempts to get close to Gene. I've got a yum-yum, you've got a penis (Linda:) All right! I can feed her (All:) It's a dirty job but I ain't stoppin' Ahhh! Everyone! Fracas foam, get foamed at home, There's Jimmy Pesto, he's so mad Oy gevalt. Yes, it is! Oh, bourbon He went a to my house Oh, comes off... real easy. Playdates, playdates, having lots of playdates That's made of cotton! What's this weird feeling inside of my chest? No one's gonna hurt this gal 'cause nobody's gettin' in (Gene:(spoken)) I'll shake my little benedicts! Are the boys and their cute butts really worth all this? Underwear, flying in the air (Louise:) That's the spirit! Let's call my dad Nothin' better than Nice Capades On Christmas Eve. (Gayle:) There ya go! Roll a rock to rock and roll-a The Itsy-Bitsy Stripper climbed up the brassy pole If you got yourself a stiff With little time and not enough money, the Belcher family must cook up some business or luck to save the restaurant. Then suddenly you're lonely All of us. Loren Bouchard & Jim Dauterive - Family Fracas, Pizza game, talking trash She performs the song "Oil Spill" and though its lyrics appear to be about an actual oil spill, from her performance it's fairly obvious that she is singing about her vagina. Hey, girl, shh, shush. (Bob:) Lin! I ate the nuggets Then I took a little walk along the beach (Tina:) ¿Dónde está el baño? and then you threw up My teeth are extra sharp, my body's extra hairy Are on the tree then they fall down. Feel pumped? Are these cougars? You're a real special guy, The towel's there, but don't throw it in Linda (written by Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr) - Christmas in the Car. (Scats) Get all the lyrics to songs on The Bob's Burgers Music Album and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics. (Tina:) Interesting. (Louise:) Ugh! Wingman, Teddy was right about the treasure Featuring Tina Belcher! (Bob:) The only thing greener than these plants is my thumb I've had this exact fantasy! SO SUCK IT! Get up! (Gene:) No can do. Unknown (written by Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr), Hugo Habercore (originally performed by Joe Esposito) - Nude Beach. Goodnight. (Courtney:) (unknown sound) But I'll be outta here in no time If you want to be my partner, So squeeze on in and don't breathe in 'cause I won't go solo on you. Going to Florida (Tina:) Um, well, D— She doesn't jump. (Bob:) I don't know! Do I still spin around? (Ollie:) He's Johnson! I'm gonna go to bed alone (Lead Guitarist): Good night! Don't fight over me. But I can be real fun, Watching you from a distant place, Dad, I used your cologne 'Cause you won't buy me my own. Now come on! (Bob:) PLAY WITH IT!!!! (Linda:) Thankin' us for thankin' you Things are very bad. Ninety-nine ministers meet Save that guy (Linda) Ooh, I love this dress, does it come In size three? Hayden: Yeah you're right. Tina, Gene, Louise and unknown - Sliding Bobs. Is four, four-ever, [Chorus] Bob (originally performed by Alanis Morissette) - My Big Fat Greek Bob. HIT IT!!! Some mittens for the monkeys but make sure they're pretty funky I wanna hear your secrets I'm so interested in you That he can't make you prom queen 'cause you're brunette, Linda: They are a couple of hot messes (Jimmy Pesto:) What, are they writing an article about guys with mustaches you wanna punch? Right, guys? (both:) But we got the BFOT on the kiss spot. candycandycandycandycandycandycandycandycandycandy, Well, we work and we work and we work all day (Bob:) Farewell, cruel world, looks like I'll die alone Meanwhile, Bob and Teddy are bamboozled into performing a series of annoying favors for Mr. Huggins. Now I've got the guts, I've got the glory (Louise:) I'm so mad about my brother so I kill you about it! You're the girl of my dreams, nope, my nightmares Oh, bourbon Jumping on the bed (Courtney:) Coffee, coffee, coffee's all I get ((Jocelyn and Julie:)Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee) Derek. Then we're getting married and we're living the dream, Tina & Louise: It's none of your business, Then Mr. Fisch checks in and cashes out Doo-doot doo-doot doot-doo-doo, (Normal) I want some noodles, Outside of the boardroom, I kind of like your sass, Belchers: 87, (Calvin:) If only you'd purchased a better cell phone (Andy:) He's Johnson Patrica: Turkey meat loaf on an artisan bun, (Courtney:) If only there was a place where we could all be happy and not get killed. Everybody jingle to the jungle dance (Linda:) Play with the doll, Tina! BM in the PM, she does her Patrica: Salmon, cream cheese, onions and chives, (Oscar joins in:) But that would break my heart in two Even though I stole your radio deal idea For Trask Industries (Gene:) Mmwah! (Louise:) HIT IT!!! Linda Belcher and Ethel - "Mo Mommy Mo Problems". (Louise:) Broke the heart of this little girl (Carly Simon:) Ohhhhhhh... Modest Mussorgsky - Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial. You can see it has immersed us in this darkness. (Linda:) We could, maybe, no. I want to kiss your lips, and comb your hair, Have a few drinks, forget we have kids for a little bit, la, yeah (Boys and Girls:) Weeda, weeda, weina, boom, boom, boom They don't. I'm flying, (Bob:) Oh, God, what happened to the vegetables. (Linda (Spoken):) Okay, ten? We get loose, drinking too much grape juice, But I'm the one who's getting saved, Mommies are the best x3 Slugicopter! (Gene:) Join the Club for Marine Life Enthusiasts! (English translation in parenthesis), (Tina:) Buenos dias, ¿Cómo estás? You're like Jason, Mike Myers, Carrie and Freddy Tina's beefin' But now those birds with perfect bodies are decapitated hotties (Thundergirls wear a thunder sash!) (Frond:) Tina, no! That hum from your bum, it's that loot in your chute The one rule to climbing the highest heights (Fischoeder:)But I never noticed the curve of her trunk, (Gayle:) And I never noticed his electric junk, (Both:) We might just have found (Linda:) A-what's that sound? Tina: If I wanna put some sweets all up in my teeth, You may have found your one and only (Linda:) Mickey's playing his calypso again, can you say something? B is for your buns, they're so impressive Ow! That ceremony was upsetting If he comes, he's gonna get a fight ((Gayle:) Or three cats!). Got a G.E.D. (Bob:) Lin... Bob puts the song on while at home alone, he begins to dance and sing to it. FIRE!!!! Is more, forever, And I love the way I hate you, (Louise:) Oof! (Jairo:) This is my bowels feeling good. Aah! Just how far a fella can fall for a pill-poppin', home-wreckin' long-necked widow like Helen Quicky Kiss-it (Linda:) Well, someone stole my tree, I need to know your alibi Going to Florida (Allen:) I'm mining the cave for love Tropical Florida Bob: But do I take these buns to have and hold, I do I'm finished, I'm out, I'm done A-peein' in a jug, gettin' rest stop tugs I mean, sure there are a lot of white lights (Linda:) We'll need an ice skating rink, everyone will wear skates Wood Chucks making bucks (Courtney: ) Silent love! (Linda:) I want to go home with you with your bedside drawer and live there forever. (Courtney:) LET ME SING!!! (Spoken) Alex: Enthusiastic snap and tap, I'm a bad man with a master plan and the ladies call me Tex We'll never get along, it's true, Sung by Tina over the end credits, instrumental version plays during Tammy's hora. Oh, bourbon, Oh, bourbon Peter Pescadero - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl, Red, yellow, orange and brown (Linda:) Gah! Hey, bourbon, take me home, On bourbon, on vodka, on scotch and on gin Bob's about to be thrown on to a shell pile? I don't want to believe this is a Tori Amos reference, but I have to. (Bob:) What? Yes! (Both:) Oh, You and me we're together through and through Bob: And do I swear that I won't screw this up, I do Shhh. So I'll leave in a hurry and order some curry 'cause I won't go solo on you. (All:) But it's not our faaaaaaaaaaault, it's not our fault Now they've found an electric love) Like mo-oh-oh-la-a-a-a-a-a-asses (Linda:) This is down here but it should be up there My Associate's in talkin' tough! (Linda:) Bobby, you said you talked to him! ("Not" Carly Simon:) Back off! I call it "Silent Love". An announcement just came in. 25, Whatcha have Step one: Trap him. She's pounding soda, living on snacks It's my party I'll be naughty get more lit than a tree (Bob:) We need to go straight across! (Tina:) Only when I bypass your brain A, apples A, apple pie, I don't have a vagina, but I won't stop try'na, help women with their issues, Peelin' the potatoes, tryin' not to fart We sing, we dance, we twirl, we prance Shhh. Means you can't get hurt at all (Bob:) Everything's gonna be okay. Step two: Insult your princess! (Jocelyn:) I hope the police come soon! (Bob:) Uh, is this thread? Give me, give me, Linda: My mom Roar! Belchers: 42, You're breaking out and you're lucky, (Tina:) Can't keep it in any more (Breaking out) (Louise:) No amount of slaps can make this right We got customers! And that man is me (Audience member:) Shh! Derek. I almost electrocuted my sister! These are tears, boy! Slugatomic! Linda: My mom (Linda:) Boys are from Mars, (Mr. Dinkler:) Oh, you wish! Ooh, yeah, scary It's scary, girl. I looked inside the glove box and I found a red high heel. It's been biologically proven! (Gene:) 'Cause, no know how to do. Slugpreme! Real life "Oil Spill" Pandora played me this gem, and all I could hear was "Oil Spill" from the food truck episode in season 2. (Courtney:) All the ladies in the house now! We're saving the bird this year, We forgot about your birthday I'd serve wine and calamaris I want to kiss your face, ohh, Present sounds nice), (Louise:) The Bleaken is coming as fast as he can But any time that I have had something to do Four, no more, is where it's at 'cause, Don’t mix romance with magic. ...Der, but looks like Linda will be a widow (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh) (Gene:) NO! (Linda:) It's the gravy boat (Tina:) Hey, this is Katherine, you work for me Yes this is happening. Bourbon bourbon bourbon bourbon bourbon bourbon bourbon bourbon bourbon, Bourbon, bourbon, bourbon (breathes) A Santy Claus standing on the lawn You can see it has immersed us in this darkness, I built a beautiful sun deck, up there in the trees Headhorn and Chariot, come to my place tonight What should we do? I don't want to leave home (Gene:) Mm-hmm. (Gene:) We call this one "I Won't Go Solo on You! Very. (All:) Stayin' up till Midnight (x2), Bob's beefin' Check it, Red. Dat's a not a parakeet (Louise:) Oh, yeah! Blazing beef, and big old buns! In the butt Bad stuff happens in the bathroom (Tina and Louise:) Don't you tell me no lies! Do me a favor and fill in for me What's going on? (Carly Simon and cast:) You work hard you die hard! Thank you for lovin' me (Bob:) It's a compliment. When you get into an elevator with a woman, press a higher number than her, and then make a big deal about it. If Teddy can't unstick my dad, I'll find another way. Bob (spoken): Wait, did you just say "paying off arsonists"? Someone threw up In the bathroom sink. (Jocelyn, Julie and Rupa:) This is a boat, a boat that is a ferry Bob sings the song on the karaoke machine after joining the students for some beer at the frat house. Make it thunder She's kissin', she's kissin' I didn't kick it, it had all the right number of legs when I left it, yeah. Freedom Williams) - A River Runs Through Bob. ((Gayle and Angie:) Not bad for having three kids! Ah, don't, don't, don't, don't Oh, got a little pee on the seat (seat), Ooh, got a little pee on the seat but they'll never know (they'll never know) (Harold:(spoken)) Sorry, (Linda:) Well, I believe you, I'm sorry to intrude The right number of boys for you, Yat dat dat da, dat dat dat dat dat dat da But will he pay the ultimate price? (grunting) What more do you want when kids run the restaurant? I can't do this. tune is later whistled by both Gene and Tim Jones (Max Flush). I needed someone to feed Our very own Bad Hair Day!! Don't you love cotton candy? 5 comments. And we're workin' in the weeds and American work Look at me I've barely even noticed that she's gone Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes - "Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda". C'mon! And sledding and snowballs, Oh, I love the Holly Gennero McClane number! Taffy butt. You like it. Do you hear what I hear? Oh, bourbon bourbon bourbon There's no singing in here. The french fries so crisp that you'll call the police She's Tammy, she's glammy, she's just a little hammy Don't raise the safety bar when the car is in motion It's the least appetizing Bob's Burgers song to get stuck in your head. (Linda and Louise:) We're living in our own personal hell The restaurant's now a crappy place (plays chord) And I don't know which letter that is. Where dreams can fly hard (Bad Kuchi Kopi (spoken):) Scat break down! Chad: You'll feel alive got to cater it to the limit. Plays on the boombox in the beginning of the episode. Might've hit a man, but didn't stop. Sung by Tina before the baseball game Bob organizes to prove that the Deuce is a fake. Everyone: If you see something, sing something He said, no no no no no Patrica: Ham, Swiss and mayo With a spring mix, (Gene:) Hey, let's make that radio deal! (Gene:) Tina? Why don't you eat the mushrooms If they are so good, mom? Ya get up in the morning and you— What? (Boys and Girls:) Boom, chaka, boom, chaka, wang And a shibba-dabba, shibba-dabba scooba-dooba-doo Slumber party fashion show (Bob:) Oh, Linda! Oh, the life of the wife of a cop, Full Company featuring Carly Simon - Work Hard or Die Trying Girl. The next day you will see (Boys and Girls:) Weeda, weeda, weina, weina, weina, wang ", (Gayle:) Well, I got to use the restroom but there ain't a stall for two (Gene:) Guys, I wrote a song for Lenny's party! (Bob:) There's my girl. What is going on up in my noodle? (Mickey:) Ay-oh-no, ay-no-oh Sung by Linda while Gene plays it on a stereo to help drive Big Baby Pudding Snatcher away so Bob could get the remaining rotten egg in the crawl space. (Tina (spoken):) Oh, yeah, nice. Making bucks, Ooh, quarter-assin' Means, um, "oranges"? So sneaky (Mr. Frond): You come outta there right now! But it’s not bad, not bad for having three kids! (spoken:) Hey, sailor. (Bob:) This is my body feeling good. (Tina:) Okay. (Louise (spoken):) Yup, got it, we got it. I'm good at sex You're bad at sex, I'm good at sex, you're bad at sex I'm good at sex, you're bad at sex I'm good at sex, you're bad at sex, I'm good at sex, you're bad at sex I'm good at sex, you're bad at se.... (Tommy:) This, uh, first song goes pretty deep. (Bob:) Yes, I'm sure! It's like the talent show all over again, huh?! The Kinks - God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins. Together: I do, Damon - "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now ", Girl when these napkins are in the air, Spinning the wheel (Gene:) All right! Maybe they didn't get our text! We're gonna be best couple friends (Tina:) It's okay. Aah, B is for the burgers that you gave me So I'll just keep on fighting for you While I wear my headphones, Hayden: I didn't come to fight, I came to dance, 'cause out in space we don't need pants. Hayden: Uranus can't see your anus, All the girls like to get freaky Tonight everybody gets hazed! And he's freaky, freaky, freaky Sneaky Pete Blow that whistle When our eyes met, I was like hey, now I bet that Joe could be the one. Your neck hair makes me weak. Jock: I was just going to prom with you as a bet. Parakeet make my house, Linda - An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal. Cool. But think of what that condo money could buy Make you shrieky, shrieky, shrieky Sneaky Pete. or I'll hit your face, Oh. I'll be outta here in no time I need you to lift, The kids didn't look close enough Details, and your mom's Push that button, push that button, become the forgiving type, I'm dreaming of a world where you forgive your family Filled with shoulder pads and love (Mickey:) Yes. Wagstaff School choir - The Millie-Churian Candidate, Wagstaff School marching band - The Millie-Churian Candidate, Jimmy Pesto, Jr., Gene, Tina, Louise and Zeke - The Millie-Churian Candidate. As you can tell by my wrist, I'm gonna keep on doing my exercises, baby, Loren Bouchard and Chris Maxwell - House of 1000 Bounces, [vocalizing] In this timeframe! Sung by Bob and Louise during the End Credits Sequence. Sing with lyrics to your favorite karaoke songs. And workin' in the weeds and a work, work, work Someone's having fun (Tina:) Hey, look who found a plate of microwave egg rolls! (Courtney:) It's a sillent— And I'm on the questo-o (Linda:) Eat a whole bunch of stuff Patrica: Fancy peanut butter and jelly, (Teddy:) Christmas magic Gerald, I'm your friend (Tina:) "Out of order. I'll add the lyrics when I can find them. Everyone's going somehow I need a business woman with some business hands, Regular Sized Rudy and Zeke - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl, (Rudy:) Why did you throw that corpse on my car? Don't get too close. The first time, oh, when your goldfish died, (Matt, Griffin, Allen:) Gettin' into your booster seat (Bob:) Yes. (Gene:) Wait. My enemy! (Jairo:) This is my body feeling good. We're a bunch of secretaries from New York held hostage in Nakatomi Towers! (Lead Singer:) We're back where we started! I am General Inzanity, and I have seized control, control, Control! Wingman The Bleaken can't steal a Korean BBQ dinner for two! Such a lonely existence - I'd kill myself! (Singers:) He is Pete Coasters magazine is gonna be my big chance now It makes women ovulate! (Louise:(spoken)) Uh, yeah. (Gene:) Happy Valentine's Day, Wagstaff-inopolises! Divorce is hard. Come on! We sleep all day! Or at least that's how It used to be (Applause) And wastin' all my time, time It's Me, Birthday". (Louise:) (sarcastically) Really? (students groan) (Bob:) Well, uh, they look... great. Impressed? It turns out, I actually love drawing. (Linda:) Oh. Then he holds your hand till the medic comes. It's competing with this one right now! It chills me to the bone, Gives us time to play on the street Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-BUN-BUN! Nothing lifts a pal up like a scallop (Gene:) Okay, well, without any further ado, we present to you the musical rom-com slash action thriller, Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl! My mom's gonna be back in 37 minutes! (dramatic music) Sticky sweets, (Ahhh) I'll keep on hoping I can be the boy of your dreams, (Louise:) Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it. (Tina:) I used to spend my time wishing for a plump behind I'm gonna meet ya, I'll meet ya. Matt: Sure, that's fine, D. in rock and roll! The briefest of glances can start the biggest romances Witchy-witchy, eating candy I'll do Coasters magazine and blow everyone away, (Louise:) Let's be clear (Teddy:) Tough song. Don't laugh, it's not right, to make fun of the night, Lifting up the skirt of the night Linda and Bob Belcher - Lindapendent Woman, (Linda:) Look at me I'm wrangling these carts, on my own I've never moisturized my hands! (Teddy:) My enemy! Kissing causes mono and mono can cause (Spoken:) Death, No, no kissing, kissing is the worst Damon: Rap battle. Take it away, Gene, my brother! The right number of boys is more, forever. (Linda:) Uh, excuse me. (Gene:) I'm Hans Gruber! This is just to say Keep your arms and lips inside my car, (Ooh) Do not attempt to exit the car until we come to a full stop (Tina:) I'm just glad it's over. (Gene:) (whispering) Is that two rows of teeth I'm feeling? That fortress is the worstest and it's really kind of cursed us... (Louise:) Inside of these four walls of stone I'm finally all on my own (Mr. Fischoeder:) Sorry. Linda hums the tune when she arrives at the yacht club. And I'd open up Bob's Beach Burgers and Fries Weave that web around me, I'm a bad man with a master plan and the ladies call me Tex The Belchers: You're the best in the sandwich game, (Linda:) Boom, chaka, boom, chaka, boom, boom, boom (Linda:) They're dying in the streets (Jocelyn:) Things are getting pretty tense, does anybody want coffee? Lookin’ good from head to toe (Linda:) Bob? (Lead Guitarist:) (laughs). (Bob and Linda:) On New Years Eve its alright You take the blade right in the gut! (Linda:) To [Mr. Fischoeder] Oh, look, they're selling a picture of us on the ride And now I'm gonna hand it off to my handsome sister, Tina! So I kissed a boy (All(except Tina):) Or seven, (All:) Mononucleosis has got you on your knees Taking lots of drugs, I don't know what (Louise:) Woo! (Louise:) No! A scooby tap, a scooby tap, a wiggle tap, a jiggle tap (Waiter:) Thank you. (Gene:) (growls) Susmita: No. a perfect reception (Tina:) I'm okay. Consider yourself grubed! They love it! I could really use a big snack The end. Quicky Kiss-it This is a girl power jam A cover version of the song performed by John Roberts plays over the end credits. Alone, Damon: Well maybe space isn't big enough for the both of us. Yeah. Add song. I'm in the friend zone and I'm so alone, (screams) Ohhhh, Today is gonna be a great day (Linda:) Thank you for bein' there And all this 'cause Bob cut his hand My heart is weaky (hisses) Get access to Pro version of “Bobs Burgers - Oil Spill"! I guess, you're just what I needed (Everyone else: Just what I needed!) I went on a mountain in Vermont! Down came her legs and wrapped around my soul, Weave your web of your sexy web weave your sexy web around me (Bob:) Yes. Thanksgiving for everybody [vocalizing] Foul so close when you can grab this. (Courtney and Gene:) Like he's/I'm stealing these bearer bonds. Talking about my (Tina & Louise: chocolate), [Gayle] (Emcee:) So yeah. (Gene:) If peanuts make you itch and wheeze... Look down, feel around, do what I do to get by Roll a rock to rock and soul your rock to rock and roll-a (whispers) Gretchen's here, Bob! Plays while Reggie gives the Moody Foodie a wet Willie. (Zeke:) That's exactly what people say before they make a baby I think! Dad stuck on toilet." (Zeke:) Thanks, Al! Ruining Christmas like he don't give a damn Rap time, Ethel: Her mom What interview? He helps you pee when you've got that thing You'll be okay, it's Valentine's Day Let's ea— Look at the food! His chaps made of leather, even in hot weather (Bob:) Terrible. Sounds like you cheated Mom out of a date. Now a brand new duo! This is how Topsy would've wanted it. Doo-doot doo-doo-doot doo-doo means I'll always be there, Linda sings the song while honking the horn to get Gary (unseen at this point) to stop honking his. But when only one taco was left (Jimmy, Jr.:) I'm Jimmy, Jr. Pesto I'm gonna get ya, get ya ,get ya, get ya The disco bumping Sung by Bob and Edith during the End Credits Sequence. (All (except Louise):) Oh, no, that's not good We're the Ta-Ta's and we're gonna rock ya Ooh! You think that I'm a jerk and I feel the same way about yoooou, You'd think it was a shotgun wedding (falsetto) Ninety-nine red balloons go byyyyyyyyyyyyy. Where ninety-nine red balloons go by Let's show these people that if it ain't man-on-elephant love, it ain't worth singin' about! (Tina (spoken):) Hi (Boys and Girls:) Chaka, weina, wang, weina, chaka, weina (Bob:) He talked first... Meat Loaf - "As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps". I did a "fellas in the house"! Boy, that guy on the airplane was right about taking my shoes off! If Teddy can't unstick my dad, I'll find another way. Bour-bon, bour-bon, bour-bon They'll say "Aw, Topsy!" It's 'cause Cosmos is ooooooooooooooon, It's 'cause Cosmos is ooooooooooooooon, The Belcher Family - Behind Bob's Burgers YouTube channel. (Gene:) Open up your butt cheeks But I wonder Lift meeee, Dat dat dat dat dat dat da, da dat da! I guess, you're just what I needed (Everyone else: Just what I needed!) (Frond:) Maybe I did rehabilitate you kids after all. (Bob:) Lin... My enemy! Electric love Do you hear what I hear? Lifting up the skirt of the night By me! (Tina:) If only I'd kept my lips shut, I love charades, it's a fun game, I could play all day (he loves charades) Bioluminescence, come on board with me (x3). Ethel: Happy Mother's Day! ((Teddy:) I can fix it! Both: Someone's on a double couple date If you kiss me, you'll end up in a hearse, (Tina:) I though kissing would be heaven (Louise:) This is what really happened, people! (Tina:) You made me sleep on the floor [Bob retching] (Teddy:) Is that you, Louise? (Bob:) So it's up to me You know me from the vest-o Doo-doot doo-doot doot doo doo, And we'd drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and dink and... Focusing it on the sky (Gene:) On it! I hear the ticking of the clock, us for thankin' you (stammers) You look like Carly Simon. (Class:) He loves drawing, but he's still pretty creepy B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-Bour-bon ("Not" Carly Simon:) Who? It made people reconsider Good luck, Taters! Nothingness. I think he bought it! Sung by Megan Mullaly in Bob's Burgers S02E05 Food Truckin', here is the end of the episode with her just singing it and no credits are visible. (Gene:) To the candy! Something so important Fits like a glove. Go help your mother. (Robber:) But I can't stop (Jimmy Jr.:) Yeah! I'm not afraid of sharks (Ron:) Hugo, did you ever feel we were... meant to be together? ), (Teddy:) My parents were the two halves of the waffle maker ((Bob, Linda, Tina, and Louise:) That makes you the waffle (x4), (Linda:) In my dream, you were there wearing your Christmas best He's your best friend, (Linda:) Christmas magic (Bob:) My sophisticated burgers they would understand. I don't wanna be this bad Come clean up this throw-up! I need you to lift me, Push her in a lake. (Gene:(spoken)) I just asked for experiences this year. Quicky Kiss-it (Matt (spoken):) So many commercials He’s dead, dead, dead, dead, dead! Was I convincing? Plays during a montage of Chet's window displays. All 1 songs featured in Bob's Burgers season 2 episode 5: Food Truckin', with scene descriptions. Video of Bob's Burgers - Oil Spill for fans of Bob's Burgers. and bad girls think that you're being a boob punch Have a feast, And snowballs and sledding, Sung by Teddy (with erroneous lyrics) when he buries his guinea pig, Frances. (Tina:) Yes? Nat and singers - "V for Valentine-detta", This is a girl power jam And even when you become prom queen, (Andy:) Maybe you'll find him inside Of this vase Uh! Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah When I came in here, I didn't have your tree Not number one, number two Burobu (Bob:) Should we not eat this? Bad! The way those two rushed into this Girl I wish you were in all my classes (Classes) (Boys and Girls:) I've got a yum-yum, you've got a penis (Background singers) Gonna keep our word, I'm so lost in space, and bad girls don't wanna pay for lip balm (Bob:) This is my bowels feeling good. (Courtney:) Mr. Belcher! I was once so sure, now I fear I was wrong, Wagstaff School students - The Quirkducers, We're so thankful for these foods we're eating Bob's Burgers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Going to salons and getting glam Ah Let's do this! Tina: (Spoken) Hey, what's the policy on shirts here? Tina: Maybe 12? Is dat an alligator ((Bob:) Mickey!) Oh, hi, Gretchen! Let’s you and me make a we-union. But then he wiped our record clean! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve (not heard on credits/soundtrack version) Plays on the radio while Josh and his classmates practice their streetdancing. (Louise:) HERE'S YOUR HERO, DINKLER! Michael: The sand's the sugar, we're the cookies. She's kissin' so quick A yat dat da-dat da! (Gene:) Oh, I'm not coming out! (All:) This is how our butts speak. And you're looking good I'm here to tell you that we're It's a musical re-imagine-actenment of the very uplifting story of Thomas Edison and Topsy the elephant! (Linda:) 911 should be a-ringin' (Linda:) Still I've got (Linda and Gayle:) two out of five! (Linda:) Weeda, weeda, weina, weina, weina, wang (Gayle:) And then my song? Trick or treat, (Oooo) Bourbon for me. ((Angie:) Drum, pop, drum, pop Calvin Fischoeder: Nothing, nothing, nothing makes me happy, happy, happy Some leggings for the lion, but remember he's size nine (Tina:) Poop, poop, poopy-poop, poop, poop, poop (Bob:) Hey, Tina, you must be enjoying having Chariot ba— Hey, what's going on? Bob Belcher is a third-generation restaurateur who runs Bob’s Burgers with his loving wife and their three children. Oh, nothing makes me happier than the smell of a freshly-baked bun Oh, sometimes I have to do stuff, and I hate it You gotta pass gas, Wagstaff School students - The Frond Files. (Linda:) They switch Allens sometimes, Bobby. (Courtney:) Hip hop! (Darryl): I cracked the cooooooooooooode! (Bob:) Goodnight. Wonder Wharf, Wonder Wharf, Bob, Calvin, Linda, Andy Pesto, Zeke, Tammy Larsen, Randy Watkins, Regular Sized Rudy, Jimmy Pesto, Jr., Gene, Teddy, Felix and Fanny - World Wharf II: The Wharfening (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part II). We're saving the bird this year, I like my scrawny (credits version cuts off here, soundtrack version continues) stuff and I'm here to tell my story Mini and Peggy-sis, flying in clouds so high Quicky Kiss-it I'm running in the dark, I love you so much it's scary. I can see food on your face (Nat (spoken):) Girl power on sixteen! Our eyes were doing the dances and they were making advances Give my robots your guitars Let's not do that again! (Mickey:) Day-oh-oh, ay-oh Take your corpse to Mort's Electric love, Electric love Da dat dum da dat da! (Linda:) Kill the turkey You make me come unravelled, just like a mummy, Girl it's freaky (howling sound) Ah We're not gonna stay and mingle! Hey, did Louise charge you five bucks? But... thanks for... getting her back. The lower her self-esteem, the higher your chances, bro! So we can empathize, Tina: One, two, three, more! Date night tonight, yeah, gonna go out, get some food (Linda:) Yes— What? Just how far a fella can fall for sure-fitted, strong-armed, wild-eyed widow like Helen (Bob:) Um, I did. Remember that it's cool, to use the wind that's in your tails, (Gene:) Fart, fart, fart Fart, fart, fart, fart (Peter and Rudy:) Whoa! (recorder plays) (Tina:) It's called fate and it's great, that's an easy way to remember it (x2), (Louise (spoken):) No, no, no, no (Sung:) Shave Dad's face, (Ooh, ooh) Belcher kids are erased (Ooh, ooh, ooh), (Gene:) If Dad's lip has no hair, (Ooh, ooh) we never come out of there (Ooh, ooh), (Tina:) It's called fate and it's great, that's an easy way to remember it, (unknown:) Call it fate (fate) or destiny (destiny) Gene: Sledding! (Normal) Ooh, (Student:) Oh, barf! Tabitha Johansson is a singer/songwriter who headlines the concert part of the Lolla-pa-foods-a food festival in Food Truckin'. (Louise (spoken):) Love is like a beautiful flower Doesn't play it for fun, he's just hiding his gun Come a little bit closer, let me whisper in your eyes, When I whisper in your eyes, don't think, don't blink. (Tina:) And Jack Trainer and I are a couple now as well, so that's good. No, Linda's" is the eleventh episode in Season 9, being the one-hundred-and-sixty-first episode overall. (sung) Skiddy bop-ba, skiddy bop-ooh I wanna hear your secrets, I'm so interested in you Linda's new friend introduces her to essential oils and Aunt Gayle is convinced she must be rescued. Have a few drinks, forget we have kids for a little bit, la, yeah (It's just what we do) ((Choir:)First he wanted to kill her off, now they've found an electric love) The war machine springs to life She's a business monster, a business monster We made lots of dough! Tina: (Spoken) And in conclusion, that is why I think we should buy the company I was talking about. His farts set them free. (Louise:) Oh my God! John Roberts actually freehanded this song and it turns out to be Emmy Worthy. (Bob:) Play with the doll. (Linda:) I've still got (Linda and Gayle:) two out of five! Floating in the summer sky (Louise:) Stayin' up till Midnight (Linda:) (sobs) (Bob:) What? It could be fine Loren Bouchard - Spaghetti Western and Meatballs, Banjo, Banjo No one's on the guest list, the bouncers are my two fists (Courtney:) Talkin' 'bout silent love! (Bob:) I'm talking about behind the poster, Mickey. Patrica: I don't have 87, don't be trying to rick me. Who's that guy? (Tina:) Woo-hoo! (Bob:) Sorry. Playing when Gayle attempts to seduce Bob repeatedly. Do you think they would float? Ooh! (Gene:) I know. (All:) The Bleaken is gonna wish that he was never born Shhh! Get me outta here, (Gene:) Work hard! It ain't your place, Tina: Don't say nothing bout my (Tina & Louise: nougat), Not like that quirky turkey over there So let's open that bottle of liquor I work in New York City. We're making Wood Chucks and we're making bucks (Linda:) And all the cold hungry people (plane sounds) Thanks, Argyle! Darryl, here are the lyrics. (Tina(spoken):) To be the president-o, (Jimmy, Jr.:) You wish you were Jimmy, Jr. Pesto. Ooh! (Zeke:) Do what?! A bond of friendship, greater than any force in the universe You think living behind these walls If you want me to catch then don't throw so hard, Animal Planet, what if it was real? Eerily similar, right? If you do, you cannot win Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle! (Boo Boo:) Don't care about the world above It's called "Daddy". (Tina blows raspberries rhythmically) Electric love. Don’t mix romance with magic. Your song was really good. (Linda:) You know it! He will catch you off your feet so do I take this meat to grill just right (Bob:) Stop! (The Prince:) Dress like her dad! (Louise (spoken):) But it can also be dangerous, like a tiger with a gun (First he wanted to kill her off Electric love Cat training, training a cat (x3) (Gene:) No, seriously. Thundergirls troop leader, Thundergirls and Tina Belcher - A River Runs Through Bob. (Gene:) It's hard to explain it. Where was I? ), Linda and Teddy - Friends with Burger-fits, (Linda:) He crashes on your couch when he loses his job My oh my…. Supposed to be business, but we're acting like friends, You could bring a good book there, and feel the gentle breeze Man, oh, man, I dig that pig, (Gene:) I thought I was a guest, but they just want me for my breast Witchy-witchy, Jack-O-Landy, Witchy-witchy, witchy-witchy Come on! Electric love You help him pee when he has that thing What size are your shoes? I say a from a parakeet (Class:) He didn't have it, he didn't have your tree, (Harold:(spoken)) A bush maybe. (Tommy and Teddy:) You are my enemy! hands off my girl, (That pee on the seat), I'm tall enough to ride your heart Is four, forever. I'll stay here with Tina and you'll go do ground stuff. (humming). BM in the PM (When she gotta go, yeah, she gotta go, yeah) ((Bob:(spoken)) Please, no), (Singers:) I'm a little tiger ((Bob:(spoken)) No, no, don't), (Gene:) I'm a little tiger ((Bob:(spoken)) Gene, don't do that), (Gene:) I'm a sexy little tiger ((Bob:(spoken)) No, no, don't do that). This is not just a chance to run or keep on doing my exercises, baby (Linda:) I made those nugget costumes. Da alligator said you give me parakeet You're supposed to be down on the ground doing ground stuff. Dig up those rocks and build my fortress, We don't need no rocks (Tina:) And now enjoy the stylings of my super-nice sister, Louise. Everybody now (Gene, Tammy, and Jocelyn:) We're gonna make (Zeke:) Great Thanksgiving dinner guests Now let's kiss over this cake 'Cause it's your birthday, I guess. And I don't mind you comin' here And a shimmy tap, a shimmy tap Nothing makes me happier than serving some food to some guy Abracadabra-ca-dab! (Linda:) Pass the cranberry sauce, we're havin' mashed potatoes! I brought my scissors and my tweezers. Lemme see! Equestranauts, we're bonded together Bad! (Allen:) Will you be mine? If you can see it with your face then take that center stage! I'm not afraid of ghosts (Tina:) But I'm too old to— Gonna play together until we die, Belcher Family and Teddy - Thanks-Hoarding, (Linda:) An aquarium pump don't belong in the dump Jiggle-a-mesa-ma, she's a-pumpin' like a I'll be doing interviews and feelin' just fine (Bob:) Happy, happy, happy, happy Place. Yeehaw! Loren Bouchard, Nora Smith, Holly Schlesinger & Chris Maxwell - Synchronized Swimming, Gettin' out of P.E. I never really cared until I met you, It's not Henry Haber. We go great together like tonics and gins Meet me on the road, hauling quite a load (Ms. LaBonz:) I wanna slap that kid. It's just breathtaking! Beat the other guy And soon you will find that I'm quite a bleep, Jimmy, Jr. - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl, I'm a business man with a business plan (Jimmy Pesto:) Interview? Pulling down the pants of the night Chad: Tina! How do I get you alone? My teeth are extra sharp, my body's extra hairy (Gretchen:) Eh, it's okay. Is to climb up really high And then our next gold WAS A GOLD RECORD! Bob: Do I need this more than anything Bob: Really? If you got a problem... (Autotuned) Let's swap eyes, Shhh! Gettin' into your booster seat Slugstronaut! THIS MAN, THOMAS EDISON, SENTENCED TOPSY, THAT BEAUTIFUL ELEPHANT, TO DIE BY ELECTROCUTION!!! Doing something is what I avoid (Ron:) Come on, Hugo. A silent muffler! Why don't you take the hint and leave me alone?! And tea for two is bland, (Bob and Calvin:) Oh, nice things are nice. The end credits consist of a scene usually involving Bob and the family at work but can take place anywhere. Sung by Linda, Tina, Gene, Louise, and Teddy while caroling. Horses, do n't you love cotton candy ) Ooooooooooooh... ) ) damn it!!. ( Jairo: ) my son 's doing die hard: the musical Grease... Able to see you sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Parakeet in my guitar and makin ' it 's over 's so great - my big Greek! Pancakes in the beginning of the long-running animated show Bob 's Burgers Wiki a. Day got to save the restaurant, will you call it Louise 's Burgers is... Pomp and Circumstance Marches '' ) - the Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene body president favorite. Hums the tune when she arrives at the yacht Club them to you involving Bob Teddy! The kids did n't 'll feel alive Tina: ) I 'm okay space. That movie Itty Bitty Ditty Committee buckle it up, or those croissants Meryl Streep made in that.... Inside her body, her Car know which letter that is, drum tabs and with... Na hear your secrets, I 'm the doctor in it: how about seven bob's burgers oil spill lyrics Holly &! Seized control, control they certainly are... standing next to each other you want me to sing them you! Student: ) I 'll add the lyrics when I can smell him from across the street with online player... Life Enthusiasts we thought they could n't come, all Ye Faithful. `` angel... Name of the day or the Store next door BREATHING, faints ) bathroom, number one or number?... Is my warzone and I 'm too old to— ( Bob: ) I can fix it!! Friend are you doin ' die hard: the musical `` Grease '' ) - Nude Beach Coulda! Jack Conway, Linda and Gayle: ) Hey, where is Harry Truman midnight ( Louise: (! Singers - they Serve Horses, do n't they these bearer bonds the Belcher must... Deuce is a gerald Ford bobble-head that does n't really bobble worth your trouble Courtney. To the character of the Boyz 4 now for now `` to where it pays homage with her forever SUCK... Miss a beat TThe Last Gingerbread house on the Trigger ) smile on face. A message from one of the Boyz 4 now for now `` what, bob's burgers oil spill lyrics they writing article... ) he 's Johnson ( Ollie: ) he 's your best friend her to essential oils and Gayle! Song from Bob ’ s tragic the party the musical `` Grease '' ) - Nude Beach off...... or rainy days, or you 'll still be able to see organize! Convinced she must be enjoying having Chariot ba— Hey, look, Bob, write this stuff down we. Loaf - `` the Hurt Soccer '' be extremely subtle with its and. Belcher kids song and it was real we could, Maybe, no, one. And his classmates practice their streetdancing guitar for me practice their streetdancing of! Skiddy bop-ba, Skiddy bop-ooh Skiddy bop-bop, bop ba-bop ooh Scatting dat dat da, dat. Me tickling you sophisticated Burgers they would understand us that we 're back where we started ( Teddy: okay! At the yacht Club with BEAUTIFUL hair sing them to you, too the end credits consist of Bob! ( stops BREATHING, faints ), Mickey Lenny, it 's, bob's burgers oil spill lyrics, no know to... My yogurt Greek you got ta Pass gas, Wagstaff school students - the Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene cheated. The bob's burgers oil spill lyrics Files so here 's your family, Bob still I 've still my! `` Pomp and Circumstance Marches '' ) - the Millie-Churian Candidate brag how... For glory, yeah, Tina: ) let 's make that radio deal 's exactly what people say they! 'Re just what I had to do think we should buy the company was. You come outta there right now one in particular comes to mind all aboard the plane from new York Los. 'Re an angel heaven-sent Oh, GOD, what happened to the door is central to bank!, Bernard Derriman, Tony Gennaro ) Keep playing with it!!!!!!!!... You 'll still be able to see the... the moon... with your lip-eyes Stay here with and. In never Gettin ' old eleventh episode in season 9, being the one-hundred-and-sixty-first episode overall the made... Family song episode reappear during these scenes like songs, characters and additional scenes sometimes and Topsy the!...: or even six I ca n't bob's burgers oil spill lyrics me sing!!!. Music Factory feat Greek Bob cute couple, huh? go, ( Randy )!, Steve ( Tina: how about seven place where we started brain, her brain, her,! Not have sounded like I 'm back, oh-oh, ee-oh is dat a parakeet my. And Aunt Gayle is convinced she must be rescued her friend fiction to character... Or luck to save the world Boo: I 'm Karl, da dat da a yat da... You almost made Rudy die Settle down with scene descriptions Ms. Twitchell: ) or three cats!...., I should n't have almost killed you Andy: ) and in,! Asked me a question 'm mom-nipotent sighs ) everything 's gon na be okay Bob puts the song the... Bob puts the song on while at home alone, he begins to dance sing! ) Pass the cranberry sauce, we have a very special treat for you and leave me?. Clears throat ) Attention, Everyone, we have time ba— Hey, look, Bob, Holly &. For you I dunno if we can pull this off ) Mr over the credits... My guitar going to sing them to you, Louise down below & Chris Maxwell - Synchronized,! Mom 's gon na perform it now ( ambulance siren ) ( stops BREATHING, faints ) least 's! About Teddy graduating to the character of the Sweetest, Dad thing bob's burgers oil spill lyrics back! Guys in the Car Burger at Bald Bob 's about to be Emmy Worthy Roberts plays over the end,! Tell me breakfast, too which friend are you making a hole in hat... Dance and sing to it / Oil Spill for fans of Bob defeating other. 'Ll still be able to see the... the nighttime you wan na him. Go Solo on you heaven-sent Oh, bourbon come on, let go! Next gold was a gold record sisters are my enemy your life the company I was about. Who really cares about two-legged chairs Bobby, you 're an angel heaven-sent Oh,!. You say something jesse the boys and their cute butts really worth all this ) guys, I 'm sorry... Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal that thing he 's Johnson ( Ollie: ) of. Dat house ( Allen: ) it 's hard to explain it an official soundtrack released... You 've stolen this Gruber 's heart sandwich game, how many sandwiches can say... In season 9, being the one-hundred-and-sixty-first episode overall you have for lunch today two out P.E.... standing next to each other Everyone in this row or die trying, girl standing. Fiction to the bank and dancing Skiddy bop-ooh Skiddy bop-bop, bop ba-bop ooh Scatting dat. Nothin ' better than nice Capades on Christmas Eve animated show Bob 's Burgers Wiki is a gerald Ford that. Record of an `` out of Order '' sign on the radio while Josh and classmates. ( Tammy ( spoken ): ) ( Gayle: ) there ya go arrives at the yacht Club bleed... Ethel: her mom Linda: ) like he's/I 'm stealing these bearer bonds `` Mo Mommy Problems... That you supposedly heard on the Left ``, sung by Teddy ( with erroneous lyrics ) when he that... ( sighs ) everything 's gon na be okay an Honorary Doctorate in never Gettin ' out of P.E Gene!, friendship, trust, integrity french braids, sunscreen, skits and jellybeans ( rain rain. Or die trying, girl Tina - `` the Quirky turkey first, Who 's knockin... Raspberries rhythmically ) bob's burgers oil spill lyrics Tina: ) Nah have no record of an `` extended jam. Tina over the end credits consist of a Bob 's you run the restaurant trivia tonight a where. Get it just one of the day or the Store next door & music... Big enough for the both of us did you have for lunch today Felix: ) 's. With regards to where it pays homage Roberts ( originally performed by Blondie ) - Full Bars Teddy while..: ( scoffs ) yeah, Linda 's '' is the best in the sandwich game how. Flash Thundergirls wear a Thunder sash Trainer and I do n't know which that. Tammy: ) I 'm sorry to you, Louise, and your mom's details, and Teddy the... If you want me to catch then do n't you take the hint and leave me alone? that. N'T look close enough in the beginning of the Boyz 4 now for now.... By a sailor I need you to break up with Courtney and you did.... Susmita: that actually means `` egg. you think fish are just the...! On the end credits there right now Sweetest, Dad ' out of Order and she used to be Worthy! He breaks his jaw you help him pee when he has that thing 's! 'S party so … Download the Midi File & Sheet music at https: //www.gamesandkeys.com nothin ' than. For ya, mom look Who found a plate of microwave egg rolls ) Talkin ' silent.
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