Electromechanical devices are ones which have both electrical and mechanical processes. Engineering is a very broad discipline. Structural and Failure Analysis, the study of how and why objects fail. Kinematics, the study of the motion of objects and systems. Like many other engineering occupations, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers have very similar core duties, but they design and build different types of products. Well, I'm kinda lost. You have really eased my work by posting this article, loved your writing skill as well. Now got make up a clear career to take. There is also overlap with electronics engineering a lot in case of electrical engineering. Electrical or electronics engineers work with computers, cell phones, and basically any device or item that transmits energy. Ideally my dream job would be to have an active job, that would let me travel. Amazing it was nice.easy to study and understand.tnk u, Thank you I’ve come up with a decision on which career to follow, Heloo which career is the best mechanical or electrical engineering. Computer engineering and electrical engineers are the experts behind the scenes of every device, system, and computer we use. Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering vs Electrical Engineering. Mechatronics engineering is a combination of mechanical, electrical and computer systems engineering. They read blueprints and specifications, inspect existing installations, advise customers on the costs and times of … Very few high school students know the difference between systems engineering, mechanical engineering, and bioengineering, so we’re here to clear up the confusion. According to Yadav (254), the discipline relates social needs of people with the infectivity or inexistence of physical components such as machinery, where the person who steers the process is an engineer. However, mechanical engineering is not confined to these basic concepts and today a mechanical engineer is required to work in many industries such as transport, aviation, biomechanics, shipping, biotechnology, and so on. Computer engineering which is the design of computers and computer systems. This is because students want to choose the discipline that provides them with better career prospects. As an engineer, you are eligible for registration as a Professional Engineer (P. By Chami Ranaweera l Redstack Applications Engineer - Mechanical and Electrical AutoCAD. Coming from Engineering cum Human Resource Development background, has over 10 years experience in content developmet and management. These engineers deal with the man made things. 2.Electrical engineering is one of the main branches of engineering which is concerned with the use of electricity to transmit energy while mechanical engineering is concerned with the design, manufacture, and maintenance of mechanical devices and tools. Electronics engineering which is the design and testing of electronic circuits. This gives an impression that mechanical engineers work like labor in industries. Electrical engineering in this context also encompasses electronics engineering. However, the most common specializations of mechanical engineering include manufacturing, transportation systems, combustion, nanotechnology and robotics. Technical drawing (Drafting) and CNC, the design and creation of products. Electrical engineering technicians are responsible for the design and development of computers, communications devices, medical monitoring devices, and navigational equipment, as per the BLS 2. Even the medical world makes heavy use of mechanical engineering for making medical devices. The Difference between Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Engineering entails the utilization of scientific knowledge in solving a broad range of human problems. Strictly speaking, a manually operated switch is an electromechanical component due to the mechanical movement causing an electrical output. Differences and Similarities Between Electrical Engineering and Electrical Technology in the Real World. It will be very helpful to understand the difference between mechanical and electrical engineering! • Mechanical engineering is less abstract as students can see what they are studying whereas electrical engineering is more abstract and talks about waves that cannot be seen. So, students please visit Gyanpeeth Polytechnic for a successful carrier in engineering. 3. Emelda M. "Difference Between Mechanical and Electrical Engineering." Above discussion was dealing with the debate of Mechanical engineering vs Electrical engineering on educational basis and basic differences in their structure. With special offers for SC, ST, OBC and womens. Engineering is a very broad discipline. Those who advise students or hire technical people are seldom aware of the differences. These principles cover situations both in terms of personal protection and best practices for installation. Eng.) Talking about career opportunities, jobs and pay differences, I will keep things straight for you. Nov 2, 2012 #1 come round to ... Gas Engineer. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Written by : Emelda M. Students pursuing mechanical engineering study thermodynamics, flow of liquids, designing of machines, structural analysis, material science etc. Telecommunications engineering which is concerned with the transmission of information through certain channels. and Electrical Engineering is related to Electrical system, Electronics, etc. This is one of the oldest branches of engineering along with civil engineering. • Categorized under Science | Difference Between Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. And to achieve the goals of engineering, i would suggest Gyanpeeth Polytechnic, one of the top private college in Delhi. Electrical engineering became known during the early 16th century. 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Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms. • Mechanical engineering is an older branch of engineering than electrical engineering that evolved rapidly after the invention of electricity and the development of its laws by Michael Faraday. They find solutions to electrical problems by modifying current processes or developing new ones. There is no need to resubmit your comment. Filed Under: Field Tagged With: Electrical, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical, mechanical engineering. after graduation from an accredited educational program, after three or four years of supervised work experience in engineering, and by passing the professional practice examination. It is primarily a branch of mechanical engineering but it also includes electronic & Electrical. Status Not open for further replies. Microelectronics which is the fabrication of micro circuit components. 1.Electrical engineering is the design and study of electronics, power, and electrical systems while mechanical engineering is the design and study of power, energy, weapons systems, aircraft and transportation products, and other equipment. Let me add Civil Engineering to that, that will make my explanation easier. Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering. Electrical engineering which involves the design and study of electronics, power, and electrical systems. Instrumentation engineering which is the design of devices that measure pressure, flow, and temperature. Mechanical engineering is an expansive discipline that a variety of industries use to optimize manufacturing processes, improve efficiency and resolve problems. Mechanical engineering, on the other hand, has these subdisciplines: Mechanics, the study of forces and their effect on matter. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2010-2018 Difference Between. Civil engineers are worried about the look, development and routine maintenance of … The Difference Between Mechanical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering Technology. Cite Their differences are poorly recognized, and they thus cast doubt on this conventional wisdom. It is a broad subject that finds applications in nearly all industries whether it is automobiles, ships, airplanes, robotics, or any other industry. AutoCAD is one of the most popular and longest standing CAD systems in the market today. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. The 3 major engineering branches are Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and there are actually substantial distinctions amongst them. Mechanical Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering The Job Role Of Mechanical Engineers. It is useful for understanding all the pieces of technology and how to integrate them to produce a working system. Electrical engineers design, test and oversee the manufacturing of electrical equipment, including power generation systems, electric motors, communications devices and navigation controls. • Electrical engineering is more theoretical and involves a lot of math than mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering and electrical engineering are two of the most widely use disciplines of engineering. Students are concerned with power generation systems and their problems in transmission and distribution and motor control. The following engineering disciplines account for 67% of all engineering bachelor degrees according to Dedicated Engineers.org: civil, computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering. April 24, 2011 < http://www.differencebetween.net/science/difference-between-mechanical-and-electrical-engineering/ >. Both programs provide a serious focus on the safety principles behind working with electricity and electrical equipment. As the name implies, electrical engineering deals with study of electricity, its distribution and transmission. Mechanical Engineer Pay. It involves scientific, mathematical, economical, social, and practical applications in its goal to find ways and create things that can help improve man’s life and make his chores easier. Students having passed their 10+2 and desirous of becoming an engineer remain confused between these two streams of engineering. It involves scientific, mathematical, economical, social, and practical applications in its goal to find ways and create things that can help improve man’s life and make his chores easier.. There are individuals trained in Engineering who perform jobs envisioned for ET, and vice versa. One has to study about electrons, electromagnetic waves, circuits, programming, signals, solid states, etc. in the General Off-Topic Chat area at PlumbersForums.net. Below is the main difference between electrical and electronic engineering which prevents such a confusion between electrical and electronics engineering as they are slimier words related to each other but they are not like same. Electrical and mechanical engineering are two different streams in the field of engineering that is a broad term encompassing many other disciplines such as computer, telecommunication, civil, mining, information technology, and so on. It developed during the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century and has then evolved into a much broader field as technology advances. This income is just above that of civil engineers, but well below electrical … The median annual salary for mechanical engineers was $84,190 in 2016. Mechatronics and Robotics, the design and creation of hybrid systems and robots. 4. Please note: comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. Main Difference Between Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is related to Aircraft, Weapons system, Power, etc. An electrical engineer’s job will typically involve designing an electrical system or electrical equipment. Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical systems in homes, businesses and industrial facilities. DifferenceBetween.net. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical are the three classical core engineering branches. This article takes a closer look at mechanical and electrical engineering fields to come up with their differences for the readers. I don't know if I want to do Civil, or Mechanical Engineering (or Electromechanical, when I can figure out what the difference between the two of them is). You must have seen images of mechanical engineers wearing helmets working inside plants and outside projects. Electronics engineering came much later, when electronics like vacuum tubes began to come out and has flourished with the emergence of semiconductors and integrated circuits. Mechanical Engineering. The main objective of electrical engineers is to make more efficient use of electricity to produce energy. Job prospects are best for those who completed electro-mechanical technologies training. I just don't want to get stressed out and watch my stomach grow behind a desk. This page shows very impressive points about Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and the difference between them. Mechanical engineering uses physics and science in analyzing, designing, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical devices and systems. Do visit this Bencableelectrical.co.nz For vital information that can be used again by anyone, I was looking for this information relating to such difference between mechanical and electrical engineering. Civil engineering which involves the design and construction of buildings, roads, bridges, and water infrastructure. IMO the level of math required is approximately the same for both majors. It can include the field of electronic engineering since it also uses power and motor control. This is really appreciated that you have presented this data over here, I love all the information shared. Thermodynamics, the study of energy. this is wonderfull every student of deee read this. There are four main branches of engineering, namely: Chemical engineering which involves using chemical principles in the production and design of new materials and fuels. All rights reserved. Great post to share!! • Mechanical engineering is more concerned with machines, and their efficiency whereas electrical engineering is more concerned with electricity and power generation systems. In context|of a person|lang=en terms the difference between mechanical and technical is that mechanical is (of a person) acting as if one were a machine: lifeless or mindless while technical is (of a person) technically-minded; adept with science and technology. It was released initially in 1982 and still is used widely across many disciplines, including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Architectural to name a few. It is concerned with the use of electricity to transmit energy. O. on31ll. Median Salary: $85,880. The terms are often used interchangeably by the general public. The basic role and responsibility of mechanical engineers are to make sure that they properly research, design, develop, build, and test the different mechanical aspects of the devices and sensors. Electrical and mechanical engineering are two different streams in the field of engineering that is a broad term encompassing many other disciplines such as computer, telecommunication, civil, mining, information technology, and so on. Electrical Engineering Technicians. Electrical engineers design new and better electronics. This is a field of engineering that developed after the invention of electricity and the development of laws of electricity by Michael Faraday. Mechanical engineers plan, design, research and test new machines, equipment and devices used by households and businesses. The difference between an electrical engineer focusing on control systems and an EE studying semiconductor device physics could even be greater than an ME and EE both focusing on MEMS. Mechanical engineering which involves the design of power, energy, and weapons systems, aircraft and transportation products, and other equipment. @media (max-width: 1171px) { .sidead300 { margin-left: -20px; } } An example of the mechanical parts in a mechatronics system may consist of gears & pully etc while the electrical and electronics parts consist of the motor running and the sensors used for precise control of the speed and direction of the motor. The main difference between electrical engineering and electronics engineering is precedence as the latter is just an off-shoot of the former. It also works together with other engineering fields, particularly with electrical engineering. If you are looking to find the differences between these two disciplines of engineering, you will be glad to know that the steps involved for determining these differences are extremely simple. 3.Both can involve the field of mechatronics and robotics, but electrical engineering is also concerned with electronics and telecommunications while mechanical engineering is also concerned with nanotechnology and drafting. Discuss difference between plumbing and mechanical ? Although a piece of equipment may be riddled with electronic components, it's considered fodder for electronics engineers if … There are four main branches of engineering, namely: Nanotechnology, the creation of microscopic devices. Gyanpeeth Polytechnic has experience faculties with them, and provide diploma courses in engineering. Distinction Between Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Thank you for your help.. Mechanical vs Electrical Engineering . Mechanical engineers use heat and mechanical power to produce machines and tools. However, this is not a correct perception as mechanical engineers spend most of their time inside air-conditioned chambers behind computers designing machines and improving upon the efficiency of existing machine and tools. It has many subdisciplines such as: Power engineering which is concerned with the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. Since civil engineers and mechanical engineers need the same level of education and earn comparable salaries the key differences between these professionals lies in the focus of their work. In the early 17th century, it became more popular with the notable contributions of George Ohm, Michael Faraday, and James Clark Maxwell. Signal processing which is the analysis and manipulation of signals. Mechanical engineering specializations. This is a lovely and informative post.