To help our customers shop whenever, wherever and however they want, we’re making online shopping more flexible, expanding our smaller convenience store network and growing choice in our supermarkets. The group's head office is in Sainsbury's Support Centre in Holborn Circus, City of London. Transition economy can be defined as a market in which a constant transformation is done from command market to free market economy. General Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE, Postgraduate Certificate in Education PGCE Assignment, Business Environment Assignment - British Airways, Unit 1 Assignment on Business Environment – Sainsbury PLC, Unit 1 Business Environment Assignment - Sainsbury Plc, Unit 1 ASDA PLC Business Environment Merit Copy, Unit 1 Communicating in HSC Organisations, Unit 1 The Contemporary Hospitality Industry, Unit 6 Business Decision Making Assignment Help, Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment Help, External Business Environment Assignment Help, Contemporary Issues in Travel and Tourism Assignment Help. The ecological factors refer to the issues that relate to the environment while legal factors make the organization to abide by all the laws drafted by the EU. We are raising our ambitions and will speed up the pace of change across our business, simplifying our operations and accelerating our cost savings programmes so that we can invest more in food quality, choice, innovation and consistently lower prices for our customers. J Sainsbury plc is the parent company of Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd, the third largest chain of supermarkets in the UK, with 16.3% share of the market. Sainsbury also understands its responsibility towards environment and has 110 dual fuel Lorries for transportation purpose, which is the largest no in UK. The various strategies adopted to meet these objective and to meet the responsibilities are given as under: 1. Sainsbury PLC, a leading organization in the Super market division is an example of a Perfect Market Structure. Being a public limited corporation, it has successfully established its market place globally. Sainsbury has been able to maintain its leading position in the market. We are accelerating our cost saving plans to unlock new opportunities in order to fund the improvement of our food offer and to ensure we can meet the growth in customers shopping across a broad range of channels. Fiscal and Monetary policies are crucial factors for driving the business operations of any organization. Welcome to Sainsbury’s Business Direct. Activity. Since Sainsbury has opened its stores in new locations due to the presence of international trade, it has considerably increased the employment opportunities for the locals. We will refocus the role of our portfolio brands to ensure that they contribute positively in their own right, actively support our ambition in food and do not dilute returns or divert focus and resources from the core. Sainsbury’s business activities 1971–2013 Sainsbury’s entered a joint venture with British Home Stores in 1971 to create hypermarket style stores under the brand SavaCentre. But, in the case of consistent lower investment and capital stock then it may result in lower future incomes (Zoli, 2005). This directly affects the organization’s profits. The behaviour of an organization is shaped by cultural and business environments. Sainsbury must consider these fiscal policies of government before investing further in the market and efficient analysis of these fiscal policies will help in enhancing the profit of the company. In addition to these activities company actively contributes to various local charity schemes in which all the employees are eligible to nominate a charity program to support. This gives us valuable information and increases our knowledge of how our customers are shopping and interacting with us. Factors like conflict between employees, strikes, malfunctioning of any system, hazards, etc. Want to order the same great Sainsbury's products for your business? Since Sainsbury has the UK membership of the EU, it is directly affected by the EU’s policies and legislations. Strategic Planning Applied in Sainsburys: 1. The corner shop at my street is “Sam's Hot Dog” a food chain run by a local vendor who specializes in making different hot dogs. Our acquisition of Argos and Habitat has accelerated our strategy. Monitoring marketing campaigns of Tesco and Morrison will help the company in analysing the current trend of the market and what different they can use to attract target customers (Camillus, 2006). With the active operations of the company in more than 119 countries the company's aim is to provide quality burgers to customers at affordable prices. Sainsbury’s Supermarkets is the UK’s longest standing and third largest major food retailing chain, having opened its first store in 1869. Business activities include any activity a business engages in for the primary purpose of making a profit. We will deliver a step change in efficiency by transforming our approach to costs, simplifying our organisation and delivering a structural reduction in our operating cost base. Sainsbury's biggest competitors are Tesco and Morrison in UK. Till date, this popular department supermarket has avoided by all the policies and the same is expected from it in the future. Sainsbury's employs 178,000 people in total. The ecological factors impact the business due to global warming, increase in the pollution and air and increasing sensitivity towards ‘green’. There is regular emergence of better communication technologies and industry-specific technological breakthrough when it comes to the global factor technology (McCormick, 2007). With more and more locations of Sainsbury, local people get an opportunity to work. Appendix 9. With this, various other cultural factors are also to be kept in mind by Sainsbury in order to maintain a strong position in the UK market. Sainsbury operates in UK where government does not have such restrictions on organizations (Gregory, 2013). Good and stable economies of scale can support the organization in generating large quantities of products. Different market structures will also be analysed in the business enviornment. Key initiatives include: Accelerating the integration of Argos into Sainsbury's: Over the next three years 150 more Argos stores will open in Sainsbury's supermarkets and 150-200 collection in points in supermarkets and convenience stores. Sainsbury’s over the years now have not just been in the area of providing food products but now have a Sainsbury’s bank which was opened for business on the 19th of February 1997, this was a joint venture between Sainsbury’s and the bank of Scotland this was a big achievement for Sainsbury’s because they were the first bank of the UK this was a good groundbreaking venture for Sainsbury’s to take because … The Business Environment Assignment will focus on Sainsbury PLC and analys e its strategies and how it manages it stakeholders. We strive to do all of this sustainably, so we can help our … These factors include elevating multiculturalism levels, increase in the international trade and interdependency of national economies. in the context of Sainsbury Plc. Oligopoly Market Structure: In Oligopoly, a product of similar kind is sold by several organizations. There are different global factors that tend to affect an organization in a great way. Therefore, it is essential for Sainsbury to respond quickly and offer their customers a better deal or offer over Tesco. International trade in the recent decades has flourished to the maximum extent. The policy aims at strengthening the areas that are under acute unemployment conditions and supporting locals to earn a standard of living. Knowing and serving our customers better, using the power of Nectar. Sainsbury’s business activities 1971–2013 Sainsbury’s entered a joint venture with British Home Stores in 1971 to create hypermarket style stores under the brand SavaCentre. (2001) Comparison of Economic Systems: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches, California: University Of California Press. ISBN 978-0-8133-4202-3. International trade has presented business organization vast number of opportunities to grow. But if exchange rate is hiked then Sainsbury may have greater profits from offshore for its products (Monti, 2003). These companies control the supply and price pattern of the product. Even the technological changes also impact the business. We’re well known for having great customer service and that’s all down to the commitment and collaboration of our colleagues. The transfer of goods and capital among various nations of the world has rapidly increased with the increase in globalization. The management team must analyse these policies on a regular basis and must do the required changes in the business operations in order to thrive and maintain its position in the market. The Leicester North branch of Sainsbury's is trialling a virtual queuing system which will allow customers to wait their turn to enter the store from their car, a nearby cafe or home. Since the technology is developing day by day, Sainsbury has to keep itself updated with it. J Sainsbury’s Plc, headquartered in London, UK, operates under three main divisions namely, Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd, Sainsbury’s bank and Sainsbury’s Argos. A Newcastle supermarket is under new ownership after being sold in a landmark £53.1m deal. The European Union: Politics and Policies. Oligopoly pricing, MIT Press, Cambridge MA. As part of our ambition to be a multi-product, multi-channel retailer we have already opened 60 Argos Digital stores in Sainsbury’s supermarkets and we plan to open 200 more. Accelerating the growth of complementary non-food and service.. To continue the acceleration development of non food... 3. But, increasing competition in the market constantly affects its business operations in the market. EU policies: Education and training policy of the EU gives an opportunity to the people to get training and development in the government funded programs while the employment policy focuses on improving the employment rate. In addition to this Sainsbury also holds an interest in investing in real estate and its main purpose of operation is to provide customers with all the basic products in a convenient and affordable manner. Our values are what we stand for. 4 Answers. One way to identify potential factors that might affect Sainsbury’s is by using PESTLE analysis — which reviews the Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors affecting a business — and that’s exactly what we’ll do in this article. We’re also developing our stores, offering wider choices of food, general merchandise and clothing under one roof. Sainsbury with the assistance of David Beckham and Ellie Simmonds have invited over 400 schools of UK to order sports equipment in which Sainsbury will give a significant amount for the sport aids to these schools (Idowu, 2008). Sainsbury’s is currently in the Tertiary and Secondary Sector this is because Sainsbury’s provide services (they have banks), sell Food and also they have their own farm. Price regulation is in the hands of this private organization and it depends on the demand in the market. Sainsbury's operations are also affected by the fiscal and monetary policies of UK. It is listed … Sainsbury has to consider all the policies else, it will be registered under the violation of the agreement of the EU member nations. The decisions taken by the management team is taken after considering the concern of all the stakeholders of the company in order to meet the business requirement in an efficient manner. Sainsbury has adopted a strategy to conduct market research in order to know the requirements of their customers and understand the expectations of their customers from the company, and what are the factors that can drive more customers towards the company (Hill, 2008). Perhaps, the actions of consumers are the deciding factor of any business’ success. Ankerl, G (1978) Beyond Monopoly Capitalism and Monopoly Socialism. To add on, the social factors greatly affect the organization as it includes the customer’s expectations, demands and tastes. They are our business. Sainsbury’s is hoping a combination of home-video-style footage and reminiscing about Christmases past will show people the festive season can be special whatever the circumstances. Ordering bulky grocery items The activities of Tesco and Morrison greatly affects the sales of Sainsbury as if Tesco reduced the price of its products then customers will quickly changes their preference because Tesco also holds a sound brand name in the market. Majority of the services offered by the NHS are free and for other services it charge nominal fees from the people (Camillus, 2006). Command economy is generally found in communist countries where organizations are bound to act according to the governmental policies. To add on, the company will get the advantages of competitive advantage theory which emphasizes on the benefit of one country by specification and other through cost reduction. Sainsbury’s, Argos and Habitat are well placed to serve customers quickly and conveniently whenever and wherever they want to shop. Most Sainsbury's supermarkets will be open from 6am until midnight … We also have over 200 digital collection points and seven mini Habitats. In addition to this Sainsbury also holds an interest in investing in real estate and its main purpose of operation is to provide customers with all the basic products in a convenient and affordable manner. As well as expanding choice in our food business, we’re growing our range of affordable, design-led clothing and general merchandise and building our banking business to meet future customer needs. Great food at fair prices.. To lead the customer in a long stretch of a food products. Sainsbury’s took full control of its banking arm seven years ago after paying £260m ($337m) to joint venture partner Lloyds Banking Group. Answer Save. This grocery store can open its stores in new locations legitimately. EU, in brief set the rules of the game which means it regulates the entire import and export within and outside the UK (Euromove, 2014). Get Complete Solution From Best Locus Assignment Experts. This is done because each stakeholder has its own share of profit in the overall profit of the company so to enhance the company's share management team is bound to consider the concerns of stakeholders. If the global tariff rate is higher, Sainsbury will face difficulty in competing with the companies of that specific nation. Any changes in the demand and taste of the customer have a direct impact on the supply of the company. Over 15 million Nectar card holders shop with us every year – in store, online and through Sainsbury’s Bank. Find your nearest active club at Sainsbury's. could please give me a fully descriptions not just food and drink . Last year, it also announced an overhaul of the business aimed at saving £500m, including plans to move up to 70 Argos shops within its business. The major forces basically comprises of actions of the potential customers, economic system of scale, pricing and output decisions and supply & demand in the market. Relevance. We’re also developing our stores, offering wider choices of food, general merchandise and clothing under one roof. Westview Press. In fact, it is now been able to outsource its business operations and activities in other nations in order to elevate the product quality and lower down the cost (Dudovskiy, 2013). We have established a strong reputation in online education and tutoring services. By sharing customers passion... 2. Government policies are also kept in consideration as it plays a crucial role in the operations of any business. They make us who we are and help us to stay focused and on track. Its main purpose is to provide quality health care services to the people of UK at convenient price. The stable political situation makes the organization drafts better policies and take decisions. Any organization can contribute in the market according to the capital and capabilities of the organization. So, it is clear to see that the decisions and actions of Sainsbury are determined by the active market forces. A large Sainsbury\’s store offers around 30,000 products and an increasing number of stores also offer complementary non-food products and services. The first is command economy in which government frames guidelines for organizations as to whom they have to deal with, what they have to manufacture or supply, and who should be the end consumer for the manufactured product. They encourage us to look to the future and find innovative ways to make our customers’ lives easier such as our Waste less, Save more initiative. Lastly, legal factors make the organization abide by all the laws and rules drafted by the European Union. Favourite answer. By 1922 it engaged itself in food, clothing, merchandise and financial sectors. Talk to us today about our product solutions and how we can help save your business time and money. In addition, according to the EU policies, those businesses whose combined turnover is more than the specific threshold of sales specified by EU and are that aim at merging needs to have approval from the EU. Keeping a price of a product which is out of reach of normal customers will certainly reduce the sales of the product. Thus the demand and supply patterns are uniform. Analysing their marketing strategies is also crucial as marketing planning an important role in driving the sales of any company. Select the delivery time that suits you and we'll deliver direct to your door without the need for contracts. The organization will not be able to sell its grocery products globally and even economies of scale will become useless. A business organization like Sainsbury enjoys many benefits of international trade as it can now operate in other locations or other countries without any trade barriers. Copyright ©2012-20 A2zservices PTE LTD. All Rights Reserved. So far Sainsbury has been able to increase its market share in the last 12 weeks, and this is because of effective analysis of strategies of its competitors by the management team of Sainsbury. These stores reverted to the standard Sainsbury’s brand and superstore format in 1999. Business entities in United Kingdom have been successful in their international operations. Also, it is only due to international trade that Sainsbury is able to utilize all the available resources to its maximum in turn, contributing to the development of the organization as a whole. Current activities Knowledge hub Events Newsletter Menu ... based on data independently collected from the 320 Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group (SDDG) farms. In such an environment there are many sellers and buyers for a product. Further, economies of scale are directly linked to the large production of the goods. As of February 2018, the largest overall shareholder is the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar, the Qatar Investment Authority, which holds 21.99% of the company. Company has also started bee cafes and planting of aromatic herbs to enhance bee population (Kotler, 2011). The net result will help in the overall growth of the income of Sainsbury PLC. National Health Services (NHS): - NHS is a central tax funded service that works for providing comprehensive range of health services to the people of UK. We’re proud of the lengths our colleagues go to to help our customers and our communities. Till date Sainsbury has donated more than 6 million pounds across various charities in UK. These stores reverted to the standard Sainsbury’s brand and superstore format in 1999. For determining the pricing of a product, two factors are considered, first is the price of the product at which the products are sold by the top companies for the product and second is the demand patterns (Vives, 1999) For capturing the market share the companies keep the price of product below the price of top companies. Reduced taxes will again reduce the operational cost of the company and will help in enhancing the revenue of the company and contrary hiked taxes will reduce its revenue and will increase its operational cost. There are various economic system according to which an organization is requiring to frame its operational strategies. They make us who we are and are the reason why so many customers come back to us time and time again. Sainsbury also possess various factors that give its employees a sense of job security (Post, 2002). Next is the technological factor which indicates the rapid change in the technology. With the awareness of the customers and growing concern for the quality products, the company must increase the quality and provide a wider choice to the customers. Another economic system is free market system in which government intervention is minimal and most of the resources are categorized under private firms. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. We will reduce complexity, transform our cost base and ensure that our portfolio of brands supports our focus on food, thereby improving financial performance and delivering stronger shareholder returns, We know our customers better than anyone else, Great products and services at fair prices. The study will also review the regulations which the organizations have to follow. With business operations in various industries the purpose of Virgin Group is to excel in their services and provide satisfying services to their clients (Camillus, 2006). Eckstein, A. In case of non-obedience of the government laws, the organization will have to pay heavy penalty. Kotler, P. (2011) Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause, New York: John Wiley & Sons. Sainsbury PLC: - Sainsbury holds the second position in the league of supermarkets chain in UK. Company will not take any responsibility of any type of academic misconduct done by individual. The economic factors on the other hand, refer to the GDP, inflation rate and employment rate (Denison & Daniel, 1990). In transition economies the issues of rising unemployment is very high as private firms tend to employ less people then required and force the existing human resource capital to work beyond their limits (Gregory, 2013). Sainsbury’s said in a statement: “We serve hundreds of thousands of customers through our online delivery service every week. We’re the largest UK employer to be awarded three consecutive ‘Gold’ accreditations by Investors in People for developing, supporting and motivating our colleagues. In this manner company motivates its employees to work efficiently to reach higher level and to get higher compensation. It will be back shortly! (2008) Global Practices of Corporate Society Responsibility, London: Springer Science & Business Media. Our clear priority is to build on our strong brand heritage and reputation for quality, range and innovation and offer more consistent value to customers while making shopping more convenient. A Gift Card from Sainsbury’s can help give your business a boost – whether you’re looking to increase sales, appeal to new customers, motivate staff, increase loyalty or simply say thanks. Our focus on quality, provenance and sustainability sets us apart from other supermarkets while our strategy of regular lower prices reassures customers that they’ve come to the right place. Zoli, E. (2005) How Does Fiscal Policy Affect Monetary Policy in Emerging Market Countries? Idowu, S. O. The common market structures are oligopoly, monopoly and perfect competition. Policies and strategies of an individual company does not affect the market structure. In addition, it is the demand of a product on which supply depends which means demand is directly proportional to the supply. We will be looking at a number of areas internally and externally and see how they are effectively or not effectively performing. Gregory, P. (2013) The Global Economy and Its Economic Systems, London: Cengage Learning. 1 decade ago. We empower them to make real changes to the business and we invest in training and development, encouraging them to diversify their skills. Our core purpose is to provide great food at a fair price. On the other hand, changes in the buying pattern of the customer and greater concern of the society are counted under social factors. After employees the major stakeholders are customers and for surviving in the market effectively companies have to please their customers. It went public very successfully in 1973 and in 1979 developed a further joint venture with Belgian retailer, GB-Inno … London: Bank for International Settlements. Our values strengthen our relationships with customers, suppliers, colleagues and they make commercial sense. Unit 1 Business Environment Assignment – Sainsbury Plc has thrown light on business organizational purposes, international markets environment, and various external and internal factors prevailing in it etc. Choose from our award winning by Sainsbury's range. The financial business resources level of Sainsbury’s Bank is low(J Sainsbury plc, 2015). The volume is such that the Sainsbury PLC makes profit. political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal factors. Argos, Habitat, Tu, Nectar and Sainsbury’s Bank will deliver for their customers and drive strong, sustainable, profitable growth to support our core food business. This service is unavailable right now. We encourage our colleagues to expand their skills through initiatives and programmes such as our mentoring scheme for female colleagues and apprenticeships at our Bakery Colleges. Amendments like lower interest rate will tend to increase the spending of fixed capital that changes the current equilibrium of the nation. As a result of no competition in the market, the price of the products may sometime be out of proportion or reach of the common people. Suppliers are another important stakeholders of the company and company tries to establish a healthy relationship with their suppliers by providing on time payment delivery, and offering a better deal for the supply of goods and services. Further, the economic factors include global economic crisis, stock market fluctuations, increase in the outsourcing level and impact of globalization. Hill, C. (2008) Essentials of Strategic Management, London: Cengage Learning. They’re at the heart of everything we do and have been central to our business since day one. Monti, M. (2003) Fiscal Policy, Economic Adjustment, and Financial Markets, London: International Monetary Fund. Sainsbury's and Asda have said they would sell between 125 and 150 supermarkets and a number of convenience stores if allowed to merge. Sainsbury understands that healthy food is the right of each individual and in order to fulfil this right, organization has launched more than 60 products that are cheap and provide a better option over takeaways. Since the taste and buying patterns of the customers keep on changing, Sainsbury needs to keep a check on the product price change. There are many responsibilities that Sainsbury have to execute and have set of objectives which it has to achieve. Other policies that impact the organizations like Sainsbury are related to cartels, state aid and others. Dudovskiy, J (2013), Significance of International Trade to UK Business Organisations, last retrieved from on 2nd September 2014. of the palm oil we use to make own-brand products is certified sustainable. Sainsbury PLC has followed the business regulations and EU laws and has been successful in meeting the stakeholders expectation. This sort of market economy keeps the concern of both consumer and supplier and maintains synchronization in the market. During the year, we send around 35 million mailings to Nectar card holders, using their shopping preferences to tailor personalised offers and vouchers. The holding company, J Sainsbury plc, is split into three divisions: Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd, Sainsbury's Bank and Sainsbury's Argos. The Sainsbury’s brand is built upon a heritage of providing customers with healthy, safe, fresh and tasty food. On the other hand, the organization takes pricing and output decisions keeping in mind the sales expectation, profit expectation and demand of the products. Business sector. Virgin Group Ltd: - Virgin group Ltd a British multinational is leading investment organization that basically operates in travel, tourism, leisure, mobile, broadband, TV, radio, music, finance and health busine ss in various continents like Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and Australia. On the other hand monetary policies are a blunt policy instrument, which affects all the sectors of economy in different manner. Last is Transition economy market. Locus Assignments provides samples for guidance and reference purpose only. Responsibility towards Customers: Sainsbury has a sense of responsibility to its customers… Expansion of Fiscal policies may result in enhanced interest rate and reduced investment. Our Sustainability Plan focuses on where we can make the most positive impact. McCormick, J (2007). It’s about helping our customers get the most out of life, no matter how much money or time they have. Sainsbury also organizes its annual games for its employees in which different sports activities are organized for the employees, this measure helps the company in motivating its employees towards physical fitness and passion towards sports. Sainsbury's also owns the Argos Financial Services business after its takeover of Argos in 2016. Sainsbury's will refocus its non-food activities so they actively support its ambition in food rather than divert resources from the core business. To discuss and understand these determining factors, PESTEL analysis must be done. They are: Living healthier lives, Sourcing with integrity, Respect for our environment, Making a positive difference to our community and A great place to work. This gives us a detailed picture of how they shop with us, across all our channels and allows us to find out what they value, how their needs are changing and how we can serve them better. 1 decade ago. In order to ease out the operations of the company, Sainsbury is divided into Sainsbury Supermarkets, Sainsbury Convenience Stores, and Sainsbury banks. thanks a lot. Importance of international trade: If there is no international trade in the United Kingdom then the revenues of Sainsbury will get severely affected. Earlier this month, Sainsbury’s warned that around 3,500 people may lose their jobs as it shifts its business and staffing plans to accommodate the way COVID-19 has shaped shopping. The banking arm currently has more than 2 million mortgage, insurance and credit card customers. In addition to this Sainsbury always provide lucrative offers to its customers in order to provide them better deal over the company's competitors and to capture a major portion of the market. Different market forces impact the large organizations like Sainsbury and shape its responses. Please read the FAQs below on Sainsbury's delivering online groceries to your business. Since EU makes reasonable legislations and brings in lenient regulations, Sainsbury remains in cordial association with the political factors. It is essential for the management team of Sainsbury to analyse the measures opted by its competitors to frame its operational strategies in order to take lead over the competitors. Sainsbury’s, Argos and Habitat are well placed to serve customers quickly and conveniently whenever and wherever they want to shop. If a particular product like frozen food items is in demand by the customers, Sainsbury will have to meet this demand by supplying adequate related products. Our customers’ lives are changing and we’re changing with them. Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 and today operates in over 1,200 supermarket and convenience stores, and has over 161,000 employees. We will create value for future generations by reducing the environmental impact of our business and by working with farmers, growers and suppliers throughout our supply chain to help them reduce theirs. To land at the market price of a product and the quantity to be produced by an organisation is a critical question and is decided on the basis of the market structures. A large department supermarket like Sainsbury has to always analyse the tastes of the customers and offer products accordingly. The management team considers the various concerns by classifying the stakeholders into different categories. It must modify its products supply keeping in mind the changing buying patterns of the customers. Each organization holds a responsibility towards its staff, the society, and culture and Sainsbury is always up to fulfil its responsibilities by taking various measures towards it. We do this by giving them easy, affordable access to the things they need: like healthy food, quality clothes, stylish homewares, the latest technology and more ways to manage their money. customer visits to Argos digital channels per year, We will put food back at the heart of our business and will build on the changes we have made as we helped our customers through the COVID-19 pandemic. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. We believe in being fair to our suppliers and our environment, and don’t cut corners for short term gain. It can be divided into product and process technology development activities. Sainsbury operates in a mixed economy market and it is one of the contributing reasons for the leading position of Sainsbury in the market. For our future success we need to understand what our customers want. To start with, the EU Liberalization Policy in 1993 required all the businesses in the UK and all the member states of EU not to impose any tax on the goods being imported between the EU nations. The Sainsbury's superstore in Heaton has been sold to … The main objective behind considering the concern of every stakeholder is to make profit maximization (Hill, 2008).