... Poultry Farming in Nigeria is one of the most profitable agribusinesses in the Nigerian agriculture sector. Sizes these species can survive in almost zero oxygen conditions for some time as they have an accessory breathing organ. However, Fry which are well fed in the nursery tank will be easily accepting supplemental feed and ready for transfer to nursery pond at 8-10 days of age. Price of Catfish in the Market in Nigeria (Different Sizes) 0; Answered. To get Smoked Catfish please visit any Catfish farm in your area and buy, you will get large quantities of Smoked Catfish to buy at (N2, 800 to N3, 000/kg). Your success will depend on you knowing your market before you ever produce fish or anything. You Won’t Believe How Crazy This Girls Fight What LMAO! Catfish farming in Nigeria is the cultivation of one or more finned fish primarily for commercial purposes. Then use the scissors to cut each testis into smaller pieces and then put each piece into a loosely woven cloth to squeeze it and spermatozoa will come out and can be caught in a recipient for spreading over the eggs. You can visit and register with the company website here http://www.virtatrade.com to raise the fund you need now to go into your fish farm business now. Feed should be fed at least three times per day. We will provide you with all catfish farming tips so you can start your own catfish farming for profit. One must be careful to avoid collecting any insect, small fish or other aquatic predacious organisms as they will eat the fry. After seven days of such feeding, you can feed only supplementary food. Most hatcheries operate with a central blower and air-lines running to each tank. How to succesfuly grow onions in southern Nigeria and make a lot of money. The control of insect in fry pond must be maintained rigorously as they can inflict heavy mortalities on young fry. Fingerlings feed on micro-crustacean insect and larvae insects; much feeding is done at night. I'm sure it's the feed because I think were doing everything else right. Above all, This reduces stress of fish. However, a number of Clarias species in Nigeria do not have the propensity for growth as many fish farmers have purchased catfish fingerlings from the wild and found that they consumed large quantities of food and yet only grow to a size of 300-400grams at some 30 cm in … This also slows down thy metabolism of the fish and hence risk in transport fish farmers should always avoid stressing their fish. Yet, Nigeria imports over 900,000 metric tons of fish while its domestic catch is estimated at 450,000metric tons/year [1]. Although expensive, artemia cyst can be purchased and hatch out in the hatchery. For instance, Insulated boxes are used to keep the water the water cool and facilitate survival on long hourly trips. As easy as 6.0a.m 6.30a.m is best for starting the process to finish in one day. A variety of dip nets of various mesh sizes are needed as are grades for grinding out ‘’Jumpers’’ or ‘’shooters’’ which are fish which may grow several times faster than others. As a matter of facts, you will obvious physical ch... Delta State, Udu, TODAY, 12:05 – Livestock & Poultry 4. Good workers will learn to count fingerlings in groups of five or ten and only good concentration is required during counting. To this is added vitamin C at 1 teaspoon per 2kg of feed plus vitamin premix at 2kg of feed. This fence must be controlled regularly for maintenance. Avoid this mistakes if you want to succeed in Poultry Farming Business, Best Catfish feed Formula: Factors to consider before formulating your own catfish feed. However it should be noted that warmer temperature are desirable (28-32oc) and needed for faster growth, etc. Such waters should be siphoned out, with new water added. As pictured, many spawns can be handled using these plastic basins. Avoid stressing the feed. A pharmaceutical company who will research into drugs for catfishes will do well in Nigerian market. Similarly, Trout that live in different environments can have dramatically different colorations and patterns. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, In such a scheme, a fish hatchery is specialized in holding brood stock and induced spawning. However, After the fry have absorbed their yolk sac, add zooplankton daily as the first natural food for 3 days. If you have a fish market nearby, that’s great, you can start building the pond. They must be well fenced with plastic mosquito net or block walls to keep out frogs and snakes. The location of the nearest marketplace. In highly rich organic conditions ( as found in overfed dirty tanks) ciliated protozoan are common and can swarn over gills and scheme to seeking and even kill the fish. However, this ability makes clarias species very hardy, proving to be adapted to African consumers (who lack refrigeration) and markets, where the fish are held in shallow tubs to live for days. Clean concrete or plastic tanks can also be used, but the plastic basins are inexpensive and easy to clan. In catfish farming and every other agribusiness venture, ... 1mm sized 57% crude protein pelletized catfish feed. At this time, It is convenient to inject and strip eggs from females as they will remain calm. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria. Buckets and tubs are needed for holding brood fish and for use of aesthetics to calm fish. Who are your competitors? Fish hatcheries require a year round, unpolluted water supply, A backup water supply may be necessary in some areas as with a lake or borehole. As discussed, preventative measures always cost less than actual treatment of disease where fish loss and disfigurement are inevitable. Clearly you should know your market before you produce fish or anything or for that matter. Dear friend, you’re welcome to the commodity.ng. Common Zooplankton, comprise the most important first food of the catfish fry. Feed twice daily, once in the morning and once early evening. African catfish usually takes an average of 5 months to reach table size. Commonly this would be 3-4 ‘’long fingerlings and 5-7’’ juveniles. Based on the surroundings, the fish moves to different habitats. Feeding of fish – A good hatchery operator knows the feed requirements of each stage of fish production, from zooplankton, to supplemental feeds. If no, maybe, it’s better to consider searching for a better pace. The size of your catfish farm depends of course, on the starting capital you have. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, A fish hatchery should be protected from thieves and fish vultures by fencing and security guards. Most hatcheries use UV lights as sterilizers to kill bacteria circulating in their water supply. They are a diverse group of ray finned fish, named for their prominent barbels, which resemble a cat’s whiskers. 12 Best Action Movies Ever Made in Hollywood, Crocodile bites trainer’s head in Thailand. Large scale production of fresh grow-out table size catfish (weight of between 1kg-2kg) Neatly smoked and dried fishes; Sizes and packs of different weight and flavor. Following injection, wait about 10 hours for eggs to mature and be ready for spawning, then you can start to strip the eggs from the females. The weight attained by catfish after 5 months is, however, variable depending on a number of factors that may include, quality of fingerlings used, quality of feeds, water management quality, absence of disease, stocking density among others. GET PRACTICAL INFORMATION ABOUT CATFISH FARMING: Due to a VERY BUSY schedule, I haven’t been able to update the series on catfish farming or respond to comments, but I have something better for you; you can learn directly from my teacher, who has recorded up to 120% profit in 6 months.Visit Profitable Fish Farming to learn directly from him!. The fry nursery is specialized in holding feeds. This is good for sale of fingerlings as they will be disease free, prophylatic treatment is a useful, ‘’value addition’’ tool for marketing. African catfish usually takes an average of 5 months to reach table size. If there is no vitamin C in the feed, the fish will develop broken head or curvature of the spine (Scoliosis or lordosis) vitamins help increase the survival ( at least 50% is desired in the hatchery) and growth rate for both fingerlings and adult. At least one back up generator is a must for an intensive fish hatchery. After catfish fry larvae feed for 8-10 days they can be removed to an earthen pond for nursing. In nature or in ponds, Clarias of 8-12 months are sexually mature and start to have enlarged ovaries and mature testis. Pour clean water nearly fully into the basin. Chlorine can be used to disinfect tanks and equipment. Some fish farmers are poor observers of their fish and they suffer from poor productions and may not even be aware of the extent of their losses or mortalities. There should be no frogs or snakes if the pond has been properly dried out and fenced. Catfish ; Catfish Farming ; Market Prices ; Hello everyone, I will really appreciate if anyone in the house can tell me the cost of catfish in your neighborhood or where to get it at a very cheap price. Commercial cassava farming has been a very pr... Poultry Farming in Nigeria is one of the most profitable agribusinesses in the Nigerian agriculture sector. Generally, farming in Nigeria brings in good return if one can understand the techniques behind them. Otherwise, the eggs can be placed in 60-80liter plastic basins with aeration. The green water is due to phytoplankton which is eaten by zooplankton. At this age, they usually have attained an average weight of 1kg. How active are fish at different times during the day? However, Nursery ponds should be small, covering an area of some 100-500m2 with an average size of 200m2. It is also advisable to purchase fingerlings with a guide to rearing them which should include comment on how to maintain fish, free of disease. Common freshwater rotifiers also make up zooplankton and, are also important natural food to the catfish fry. The fry are easily preyed upon by insects and other fish. Some of the smallest species of Aspredinidae and Trichomycteridae reach sexual maturity at only 1 centimetre (0.39 in). Fry needs special attention and in protected environment with good feeding and aeration will ensure high survival and more income to the farmer. Catfish farming is the act of growing one of the diverse group of ray-finned fish for commercial purpose in Nigeria. In the past several years, private sector fingerling production has increased from 3 million per year in 2001 to more than 30 million per annum. If you comprehend what your […], Why guys find these chracteristics about women attractive Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder, however there’s no rejecting that those initial […], 4 Best signs your relationship will be long lasting Anonymous “I can lay down with her, wed her, deal with her, but love is something […], Korean Movies are loved by many, especially women, The culture, the food, the clothing materials, fashion, passion and Great Movie stories. How big is your market? In addition, Aeration with oxygen and air stones is better for transporting fish can agitators which tend to heat up the water on long out. READ ALSO: How to start tilapia fish farming in Nigeria?There are several crucial things to keep in mind before you even get started. High stocking densities can be used in nursery ponds of up to 100,000 fry. Note that one kilogramme female would have about this number of eggs. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, An air stone or diffuser is provided in each tank to assure maintenance of good oxygen levels. In an effort to assist the small to medium fingerlings producers, the Aquaculture and inland fisheries project has carried out training programme with more than 120 fish farmers benefiting. A tank of 6×8 m (48m2) is good but any size would do, maintain the water depth at 10-20cm and always maintain aeration with an air pump. Well, I […], Things to know before buying a German Shepherd Dog I have had German Shepherds since I was youthful, beginning with Nichole who was relinquished by […], Why you sleep and wake up suddenly paralyzed What is Paralysis? Fish farmers cannot do everything some may be best at producing table size fish for the market and leaving fish hatchery management up to those who are best prepared and equipped with the means for intensive fry production to meet demand. Catfish have one of the greatest ranges in size within a single order of bony fish. All these while, catfish farmers in Nigeria have depended so much on poultry drugs to cure catfish diseases. The dose of Suprefact is 30IU’s per kilogramme (30mg/kg) of female fish. The clarias is reported to be more fecund than the Heterobranchus, but the latter grows somewhat larger. After stripping, a female should be returned to an earthen pond; she will be ready to spawn again in three months with good feeding. Catfish farming in tanks is an option for temporary business, if you want to have a real profitable long-term business, you should think about catfish farm in a pound. Hot water has less oxygen and for lengthy trips, it is advisable to carry some block ice to add small pieces to maintain cooler temperature. Here lies all you need to know about profitable commercial cassava farming in Nigeria. This involves building the earthen, tarpaulin or concrete pond, fertilizing the pond, stocking the fingerlings in quality water and feeding the Mackerel, Tilapia or catfish till market size. Non iodinized salt is added at the rate of 0.4-5 LBS salt and 100 gallons of water according to the species of fish. Closely monitor growth at feeding time . Many catfish have a maximum length of under 12 cm. Alternatively they can continue to be reared and fed in concrete tanks. What is normal behavior for each stage of growth? Pumped waters should be filtered. Aeration is essential to achieve a good survival of fry. wait 10hrs till 4.00pm and start to strip eggs. The transporter is specialized in bagging and transporting yolk-sac fry with oxygen, as well as handling and transporting large qualities of fish fingerlings and juveniles. 300 to 600 grams: 4mm feed size Stress fish exhibit unique behavior and the observant fish farmer will quickly pick up any indication of stress or the onset of disease. Drain 50% of water, replacing it with fresh water. The demand for fish in Nigeria mostly outstrips the local production. Vitamin C is very important for culture of fishes. Handling/Transporting Fish – Handling and transporting fish must be done with high survival rates. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, Most hatcheries are in shed buildings with screened walls. See their size at fingerlings stage. Nurseries would produce fingerlings of sizes determined by the market. ;-), Copyright © 2014-2019 Agribusiness Coach • All Rights Reserved • Designed By Blogtipsntricks. When a fish hatchery manager sells fingerlings he should ensure proper condition are available for transport and the safe arrival of the fish in good condition. Intensive feeding requires good water management to ensure the best conditions for growth. Thailand experience is very important in nigeria because of a dynamic catfish farming industry which has benefited from cross-breeding between an indigenous, slow-growing, tasty and much appreciated Thai species, Clarias macrocephalus and Nigeria’s indigenous Clarias garipinus, which grows very fast and is easily bred with the Thai species. Catfish production in Nigeria is hugely popular – with a booming domestic market as well as strong export sales – and currently accounts for over 80 percent of the country’s aquaculture output. As mentioned, Ultra Violet Light sterilizes are required to kill bacteria and micro organisms that could affect your fish. However, a number of Clarias species in Nigeria do not have the propensity for growth as many fish farmers have purchased catfish fingerlings from the wild and found that they consumed large quantities of food and yet only grow to a size of 300-400grams at some 30 cm in length e.g C. lazera and C. garipinus . This equal a density of some 62 fingerlings/m2. In Thailand, grow out ponds are sum 1600m2 in area. 1mm sized 57% crude protein pelletized catfish feed. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria. Everything Around us can be categorized as WILD or DOMESTIC. My business meets a need and demand for hunger and malnutrition in Nigeria Hi. Water should be a good quality with a neutral PH of about 7 and water CaCO3  Alkalinity and hardness of more than 25 ppm. It is virtually impossible to define a particular color pattern as belonging to a specific breed; however, in general, wild fish are claimed to have more vivid colors and patterns. Remaining up to date on market prices is key, Hatcheries (2) Fry rearing nurseries, and (3) fish production farms for table size fish. How to Produce Your Own Chicken Feeds: The Best Formula, How I made my Catfish feed: Making Catfish feed at home or farm (Local Fish Feed Formulation), The Size and growth rate of my catfishes after 2 months, Catfish Processing Business- Smoke drying and packaging of Catfish, All about Profitable Commercial Cassava Farming in Nigeria, How to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria and make millions. Such ponds are maintained with aeration and some water flow. Milt can’t be collected in quantity by stripping; It can only be obtained by sacrificing the fish and dissecting the tests by scissors. For the same purpose, some recommend using diesel fuel even though it leaves an oily residue. 2. A reliable water test kit should be on hand at any fish hatchery, Water chemistry parameters are presented for hatchery water supplies. Fish may survive the disease after treatment, but may be undesirable to consumers. The success of the construction of fish pond will depend on these factors. Above all, these colors and patterns form as camouflage. Then strip them gently and the eggs will come out into the bowl until there are no more eggs. Fish would be fed at this facility 5 weeks or more until the fish attained a size desirable for the fish producers. Hello,If you want to go into fish farm business, There are so many company website this days like http://www.virtatrade.com that will enable you as a beginner to raise the fund you need to start up your fish farm business without you seeking for a loan.This company is where many business dealers from all over the world generate fund that backup their various businesses financially.I used this company to backup my cocoa beans export business each time am running loss financially. More alkaline and harder waters are well buffered and with their mineral and nutrient content, provide the best conditions for high fecundity, high hatching rate, survival and growth of fry and fingerlings. Bucket with water can e placed under the holes to receive the counted fish. In catfish feed production, most especially floating feed, it is a common practice that smaller feed must be made richer in nutrition than bigger feed sizes. so we must become very curious and learn all we can about our fish including their behavior, their feeding habits, their normal swimming habits, as well as changes that may occur in their behavior during a normal day from night to day etc. the most consumed fish in restaurants, placing these fish in high demand in markets. Subscribe through email and get Free updates. Catfish farming in Nigeria can be a bit challenging but it can also be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. What is the hatching rate of eggs, what is the survival rate of fry? Although ova prim has been used in Nigeria, other hormones are cheaper and available in the country, namely Suprefact and Motilium. The cooler the water, the more capacity to maintain a high level of oxygen and hence less stress on the fish. However, Credit is usually essential for expansion of fish farms and all business. Feed your fish the right food, in the right size, in the right quantity in the right time and avoid overfeeding, About 36-40 hours (1.5-1.75days) after hatching, the yolk sac of larvae will be absorbed. At present with several large producers delivering more than 300,000 fingerlings monthly. We deliver processed catfish anywhere in Lagos for orders from ten kilograms (10 kg) at N6,000 per kilogram. Water Chemistry Monitoring – Have the means to monitor and maintain good water chemistry at the hatchery. Remove the two testis without squeezing them and put them in a plastic plate. Fish farming is an act of rearing fish for commercial purpose in Nigeria. The Clarias is the preferred farmed fish in the south west, while Heterobranchus is in the south-south region of Nigeria. They live in yet […], Enjoy This Afro Beat Twerk Dance Video By Unique Hope Choreography OMG! A similar cross has been made between clarias garipilus and Heterobranchus bidorsalis. When you see water fouling with wastes, you must siphon out the wastes and in so doing renew the water quality with fresh water. Catfish farming In Nigeria – Photo Source: https://www.makemoney.ng Nigeria, for instance, has gotten extensive marine fisheries that are being exploited by commercial fleets. This would create three types of fish farms. Helping You succeed in Agribusiness is our passion, thats nice but how long do they take from hatching to post juveniles stage. In Thailand such feed are fed round thrash feed from big catch in marine fishing. This is about the least ex[pensive of all preventative treatment. A plankton net can be used to collect to collect zooplankton. Add about 600(30g/l) of salt (Nacl) and add about 40-50g of artemia cyst (2g/l) . Most are nocturnal, crepuscular or diurnal and they also range in size and behavior. Eggs will hatch in about 24hours at 28-30oC. And getting Smoked Catfish for export is not a difficult thing in Nigeria. These small fingerlings can be counted and sold to fish farmers or stocked in grow out pond. Keeping water clean and cool during transport greatly enhance condition for survival of fry or fish. When all eggs are hatched, you can remove the fry with a dip net or siphon them to another basin with air pump and clan water. Transport of fish must be well organize and implemented or there’s a price to pay, ”dead fish”. Catfish Farming in Nigeria: Overview. hello catfish farmers, good and healthy catfish is available for sale, we have different sizes the fingerlings, post fingerlings, juvenile for sale at affordable prices. Today, I'm happy to tell you that my training, lectures and studies about catfish farming paid out well. This is the basis for good management and obtaining bankable loans. They are sold live in market and are held in shallow tubs with little water, making them an ideal fish for African consumers who often lack refrigerators or means to hold meat and fish at home. Fish should be acclimatized to the temperature of the water to the new pond or tank. However, sea trouts look silvery, those living in a small stream or alpine lake could have markings and vivid coloration; it is also possible that in some species this signifies that they are ready to mate. This ingredient must be finely ground, thoroughly mixed and blended by adding a small amount of water, the feed can be pelleted in fine pellet or just sun dried. Thursday, […], Watch Video of a man using his hot wife to work out On social media –A man uploaded a video.of how he uses his hot […], Watch Video Of A LADY dancing naked in public This lady caused a stir in the streets after she went nuts during the Black Lives […], Wife Beats Up Husband Who Abandoned Her For Another Woman For 4 Years OMG! To inject a total of 5kg of females, 2.5 Motilium tablets and 1.5cc of suprefact were mixed together with 9-10ce of saline solution. The first time I tried fish farming was when I was in secondary school. This comes in a liquid form in a bottle. Breeding fish for sale requires transportation and logistics. Any private business person need to answer all this basic questions before entering fish farming or any business. Improved efficiencies and lower cost production can be achieved at fish hatcheries by ‘’better knowing your fish’’ their spawning parameters, feeding and survival of fry and fingerlings. As a result, a number of these farms greatly increased their fingerlings production through sound technology applied in low-cost. Kaduna State is located in the northwest of Nigeria with different business activities going on. Maintain the water depth at about 30-40cm before stocking the fry. Wheat flour can also be added to thicken the mix at 2 table spoon per 2kg of feed. This involves building earthen, concrete or tarpaulin ponds, stocking the fingernails or juveniles and feeding the fish till market size. On the fourth day, fry can be moved from the plastic basin to concrete tank. Transport of 3 inches catfish fingerlings in thick plastic bags, fish held off feed for at least one day up to 1000fingerlings can be transported in such bags. Related: 10 […], Lions or Tiger which is better at hunting prey Does lion hunts animals that r bigger, wilder, more aggressive, and more dangerous compared to what […], Slay Queen makes beats using her best friend’s big boobs – What have we not seen from these slay queens, LOL!!! Thus it may be useful to put up black plastic sheeting over the screen walls. All Clarias species are commonly found in the swampy waters or slow-moving streams and reproduce during the rainy season. After injection return the broodstock to a holding tank with oxygen and fresh water flow and they will wake up. However, Good business practices call for a solid, well thought out business plan. The city is a diverse structured city with all the tribes in Nigeria present. After 3 days of mix, natural and supplemental feed, only supplementary feed can be fed. Juvenile fish feed on chironomid lavae, ostracods, dragon fly, nymphs, insect larvae eggs and pupae. So do you produce your own feed? Did you use your own produced feed from fingerling stage to juvenile stage? Before we proceed, you would agree that catfish is one of the commonly eaten fishes in homes, hotels, bars, joints, relaxation spots, and so on. To prepare the pond, drain the water and leave the bottom expose to the sun for 2 days. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, Overhead water supply tanks need to have sufficient volume to provide water flow during emergencies. Contract with profit sharing of high production results are advantageous and encourage higher fish production. However, Fingerlings can be held for sale or cultured or reared to juvenile size which fetches a higher price. ... Catfish for sell in different sizes, tables sizes, barbecue sizes and smoking sizes call and let talk about price depend on quantity and sizes you want All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria. A site that includes Videos of wildlife happenings around the world, Dance Videos compilations, Relationship tips, Movies and Comedy videos…. Let me start by giving you a quick overview of the state of fish farming in Nigeria. 'params' : {} The gasoline will evaporate. This manual seeks to present ideas for consideration in locating, designing and managing a small-scale fish hatchery. The fact that fish live in water makes us to know less about aquatic husbandary than traditional terrestrial husbandaries. INTRODUCTION Catfish belong to the animalia kingdom and the subclass of neopterygii. Remove any small fish, the pond must have green water( phytoplankton). Upto 100000 small fingerlings (1.5inches) close branket can be stocked in such ponds. Visual Effects (VFX) is the expression of unreality […], 9 most recent movie release in July 2020 Below are list 9 interesting movies that will be released this month of July 2020. Ten hours after injection, place several males in the water with Quinaldine for anesthetization. atOptions = { Orders outside Lagos, Nigeria attract shipping fees. Domestic production of high quality fish feed have also begun through the dynamic private sector. 'width' : 160, If it is necessary to use well water, it should be stored in an earthen pond for a few days to drive off carbon dioxide, increase the oxygen and generally condition the water. These are the pictures I took after the 2nd month of catfish farming. I want to buy it … The egg shell will flow to the surface once the aeration is stopped. See […], Football – Kicking a ball Video Football is played by two groups on a huge rectangular formed grass field The target of a football crew […], Amazing and Dangerous pictures that will leave you speechless And this And this check this out Another Here is another one Amazing and Dangerous pictures […], How to start up a successful poultry farm in Nigeria With the current unemployment rate in Nigeria, it is however advised that individuals venture into […], 8 Steps To Start Up Rabbit Farming In Nigeria Are you thinking of a profitable agricultural farming business you can start-up in Nigeria? Good water aeration can greatly improve condition for fish growth and even double present fish production in many cases. At the fingerling stage they were very small. Every morning clean the wall and bottom of the tank and siphon dead fry and waste out. I’ll be It is possible to have up to 40,000 fry in one basin of 60-80 liters. wikipedia, Share this post: on Twitter on Facebook on LinkedIn, Why guys find these chracteristics about women attractive, 4 Best signs your relationship will be long lasting. The 8-10 day old fry can be moved from the indoor tank and stocked in a fenced, cleaned pond (200m2) as previously described. More than 15 best deals for ... 2acres secured catfish farm fir rent in mowonla ikorodu lagos.all earthen ponds with 3000 capacity ... we have them readily available in sizes of 2mm, 4 mm, and 6 … Use the plastic basin of about b20litres and add water to nearly full level. With careful management, after 4-6 weeks of goof feeding, it is possible to achieve 60-80% survival. They can look like an entirely different fish outside of spawning season. Causes of Low dissolved oxygen in fish pond water and how to improve it. DATE MODE PRICE CATEGORY PRICE; 21/12/2020: Fish Price: Big: ₦900.00: 21/12/2020: Fish Price: Small: ₦850.00: 21/12/2020: Fish Price: Smallest: ₦800.00: 21/12/2020 On the third day, you need to add some supplemental feeds as already mentioned to get the fish accustom to new feed. From this ponds the fish can be transfered to slightly larger ponds at a density of 40-60m2 for topping out at 1kg each or more catfish are very aggressive feeders. To prepare zooplankton for a 600m2 pond add 20kg of chicken manure 5kg of lime, 5kg N.P.K fertilizer (16:16:16) and 2kg of fine fish meal. Many older tanks are deep and impractical for observing fish; some of these can be modified and put to good use. Following this, apply lime (0-2kg/m2) chicken manure (3kg/100m2) and N.P.K (16:16:16) Fertilizer at 1kg/100m2. A good fish hatchery operator seeks to produce high quality, fast growing fish seed using brood stock of known origins. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, African catfish is much appreciated for its hardiness and taste. Both rectangular and circular tanks may be used, however round tanks with conical bottoms are self-cleaning, easily maintained and lack corners for oxygen deficits. 1. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, Fish hatcheries require electricity to operate aeration and water sterilization equipment, not to mention computers and other needed facilities. Closely observe for unusual behavior of fry or fingerlings as abnormal feeding or not feeding could be indications of disease or parasite. The cat fishes are doing well. It is cheaper to culture zooplankton at the hatchery. Tanks should be designed to facilitate easy observation and handling of fry and fingerlings. The ‘Hetoroclarias’ could be made to enhance certain favorable traits such as better body conformation (smaller head more flesh), more hardiness, higher fecundity, improved survival of fry, Adaptation to supplemental feed with less animal protein which is the most costly component in composed fish feed rations. Anyways, Have fun and keep surfing through  Amazing contents, DONATE - Paypal - donate2wildanddomestic@gmail.com, Copyright © [2020] Outdoor Adventure @EvaSon Viu, Rabbit Farming and Amazing different breeds. Although more expensive, formalin can also be used. Catfish Farming in Nigeria: What it takes to succeed: By Ukwuegbu, Ugochukwu | MD : Divine Fish Farm, Ogun State, Nigeria: The business of catfish farming in Nigeria is not difficult to engage yourself in if you have the resources to do so. Feeding Catfish: This constitutes the bulk of the cost of rearing catfish, usually 60% and above. Such supplemented feeds could be fed with the higher quality imported feeds. They spawn in grasses in shallow waters and the eggs hatch in a day. 6 Recent Action-packed Movies to Watch Before January 2021. Always work methodically and systematically to avoid stressing your fish. For the first 3 days feed the supplementary ration in powder form, after which you can feed the pellets made with the same formula. As a predaceous feeder, the African Catfishes have short digestive tracts (stomach and intestine) which are muscular in comparison to that of a filter feeding fish such as a tilapia which can have digestive system several times longer than the fishes total length. Clarias also known as ‘’walking catfish’’ are capable of moving on land from one water body to another since they are equipped with an accessory breathing organ that enables them to live out of water for some time. Contact CHRIS FARMS NIGERIA today For Fast going Fingerlings on your ponds. Market Analysis – With the Nigerian population as an advantage, the market size of Nigeria offers great market potentials for massive sales, Nigeria has the largest fish consumption ratio per nation at about 1.5 million of frozen fish annually, this is the record so far in Africa. Chicken feed accounts for more than 80% of the cost of poultry production. The artemia will hatch out with an air pump with air stones for about 18-24 hours. See their size at fingerlings stage. Dip nets and tank harvest equipment is needed for easy retrieval of fish. Harder waters of 100 ppm or more are advantageous as they support higher productivities. Hatcheries require a number of buckets and plastic tubs for holding and carrying fish, hatchling eggs, etc . After 3 days zooplankton will be growing or gloomed and can be seen as whitish swamps of tiny zooplankton around the pond in the green water. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, Water environment having conditions, which are poorly understood by most farmers who normally farm terrestrial animals or land crops. Tablet’s are ground using a mortal and pedestral and when reduced to a fine powder, a solution of 0.9% saline is added to pull all the powder into solution for injection into the female. }; If you are passionate […], 6 Recent Action-packed Movies to Watch Before January 2021. 50 – 150 grams: 3mm feed size; 150 – 400 grams: 4mm feed size; All things being equal, your fishes should be around 200 – 300 grams in 2 months with floating feed alone, if they are being fed properly; after then, you can switch to sinking feed and give them the following feed sizes: 200 – 300 grams: 2mm feed size. ‘Known your fish’ – A good hatchery operator constantly observes his fish from hatching to fry to fingerlings to table size fish. In general trout that are about to breed have extremely intense coloration. Catfish farming involves growing catfish to table-size, marketing them and selling them at a good price. They carry out breeding migration in schools during the onset of the raining season in April or may, moving from swampy areas or lakes into flowing shallow streams or flood plains to spawn. 'height' : 600, 'format' : 'iframe', The feed sizes they have been fed up till this age. Plain salt (Nacl) can be used on fingerlings with guil worms and some external protozoans at 10-25Grams per liters ( 25000 ppm of water) for a short dip up to 20 minutes. Record Keeping- Maintain good record keeping for proper planning. This prepares the female’s eggs gor a higher percentage fertilization. Since I started my catfish farming business, I was depending on foreign fish feed to feed my fishes. Typically, Under poor condition, fish will succumb to bacteria infection, fungus or parasite. Market- Being near a market with high demand for fish fingerlings, Brood Fish – Have selected brood fish of known origins for fast growth, High dress out weight and quality control. However, Catfish farming requires close monitoring and observation. Business plan- Have a business plan to assist in qualifying for bank loans. Fry should be fed 3 times daily and the tank should be observed slowly for waste feed accumulating in the bottom of the basin or tank. However, A good hatchery manager of fish farmer who sells fingerlings should always try to give technical advice to the buyer as this will enhance will enhance survival, Increase fish production and keep the customers coming back. Nevertheless, I will try to draw my estimation in such a way that will help you take decision once you are able to gather data based on the prevailing market situation, in terms of income and expenditure in rearing 1000 catfish. Then Acriflavin a bacteriostat could be used as a preventative measure against external bacteria potassium permanganate (kmno4) is effective for fungus, some bacteria are external parasite at 2 ppm in pounds as a definite treatment or as a dip at 10ppm (1 Gram/100L) for about 60-90mins. However, A  Satisfied customer will always return for more business and it’s the best advertisement for your business. We took a tour around Kaduna and got this Size Of Catfish for 5 Dollar, N2000. 's' : '') + '://www.bestdisplaycontent.com/ca6d4358e187e184b439f3121c4d8158/invoke.js">' + 'ipt>'); 6 Things Men Want In A Relationship Each lady needs to comprehend what a man genuinely needs in a relationship. In Avengers Infinite war, an intergalactic warlord (Thanos) wiped out […], Hollywood Movies with Amazing Visual Effects and Computer-generated imagery What are some Hollywood movies with amazing VFX? Select an earthern pond, such as brood stock pond. Catfish farming is the act of growing one of the diverse group of ray-finned fish for commercial purpose in Nigeria. Consumers in Nigeria have made the catfishes ( Clarias and Heterobranchus sp.) Catfish is a large, eel-like fish usually of dark gray… What is the Avengers Endgame Movie About? Actions, Adventure, […], My name is Emmanuel and I’m an animal scientist, a blogger, a website developer, an author, writer, and a fast typist, Jaguar Animal Facts – Attacks On Humans is Rare What to know about JAGUAR:  The skull-smashing jaws of Jaguars are incredible. This may require an hour or more to bring the transport water to a similar temperature as that of the pond. Always remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pond of cure. By using high quality feed, the hardy African catfish can yield superior growth and profitable fish production. To control predacious insect, apply super gasoline along one side and it is spread across the entire pond and kill all air breathing insect. Usually one-third of the bag is occupied with water and fish, while 2/3 is for oxygen, during transport, such bags should lie flat to maximize the oxygen, / water interface. Also practice routine prevention and many disease problems will never occur. 'key' : 'ca6d4358e187e184b439f3121c4d8158', As in Thailand, ½ of a Motilium tablet is used per kilogramme of female. Although imported fry feeds are superior and consistent in quality, they are expensive. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria. Cost conscious small fish hatchery operators often use plastic lined wooded boxes to rear fry. In Nigeria of today, there are not many drugs specifically manufactured for catfishes. This will help maintain the desired warmer temperatures inside the hatchery and dim light encourages feeding and growth . A good strategy includes a variety of clients or buyers of fish, not of limited few who may form a cartel for maintaining low prices to the hatchery operator. There is no paternal nurturing of the fry, which will swim in a school for a few weeks. Relief on these two fronts and high demand for catfish has unchained the fish farming industry, which is now growing at a steady rate. As with all equipment, generators require regular service for maintenance for long life. “Are You Feeling Bored? This provides excellent natural fry food, but artemia are expensive. Up to 3-4ibs of warm water, fish can be transported per gallon of water in such tanks (About 0.4kg/L) Fish must be conditioned before transport. The weight attained by catfish after 5 months is however variable depending on a number of factors that may include, quality of fingerlings used, quality of feeds, water management quality, absence of disease, stocking density among others. Furthermore, Here is a website that extends beyond the aforementioned. document.write('