(This should be "have" because "budgies" is plural.) 11. 9. neither of you has/have I came across this question when attempting some grammar exercises: "You are both guilty as charged for neither of you has/have … 7. Hi Anon Neither of you has done anything. There were neither cakes nor ice-cream at the party. > … Neither is a singular subject, requiring has. Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises. Taking your learning further. At the end of the fall (comes/come) the hard tests. Have you ever struggled with either or neither, wondering if they referred to subjects singular or plural, wondering if they took singular or plural verbs?. “Neither did he have wrinkles” is just fine when there was an earlier negation. If you want to say, that you also didn't have the pleasure, you say "Neither have I". While 'either' has a positive connotation, 'neither' holds a negative significance. Does neither take a singular or plural verb? 12. As Jim said, the more formally "correct" choice is the singular "has," because "neither of us" refers to "neither one of us." 8. Apart from the has/have question, I think there is something odd about this sentence. If you want to state, that you also don't believe the person "had the pleasure", you say "Neither do I". Also, neither is better used as a singular. Omit “Either” But Not “Neither” It often makes sense to have a sentence without the word “either”, such as: James or Mary has hidden the sweets. Neither of you have done anything or Neither of you has done anything. Have you looked up either and neither only to find competing rules about their use, about whether they are indeed singular or plural?. The slaughter of animals for their fur (has/have) caused controversy. When we find them behaving like adverbs, both either and neither become linking words. Neither has the Chief Minister sacked me nor have I resigned from the post. Jun 24 2009 18:45:59. anonymous + 0. Either the boy or the girls (walk/walks) in the evening. And one person cannot "have anything in common;" it takes two people to have something in common. – tchrist ♦ Jul 23 '14 at 14:17 Give me an example of neither as a singular – ElendilTheTall Jul 23 '14 at 14:45 These are the ways you can find them being used. You also do not have to go to work tomorrow. Neither of us has to go to work tomorrow. Either the budgies or the cat has to go. Improve your English with Gymglish - try our English lessons for … Neither the dogs nor the cat (is/are) very hungry. Neither, neither … nor and not … either - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary How to use neither in a sentence. Neither the van nor the cars are fast enough. Jun 24 2009 18:49:56. Neither definition is - not either. But I am not a native, so I might be wrong. Either the girls or the boy (walk/walks) in the evening. Infographic Explaining Verb Agreement with "Either/Or" and "Neither… (Here, "knows," which is singular, would be wrong.) You will always find them paired up this way: either/or and neither/nor. Yoong Liat; Comments . Neither the firemen nor the policemen know him. 10. I do not have to go to work tomorrow. Both of the dogs (has/have) collars. For me both could be alright depending on what you want to express and what was the context. So as long as I am a Minister, I can’t say anything controversial. It will be unethical on my part,” Mr. Adhikari said. b- Neither of us have anything in common. Adverbs. a- Neither of us has anything in common. Either the boys or the girls have hidden the sweets. Let’s look at both words and settle the issue of subject-verb agreement when they’re used as subjects. Still facing difficulties with 'Either and neither'? 13. The boys or the girls have hidden the sweets.